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  2. Steve unfortunately I was given a no go on moving the speakers out of line with the tv 😢. I need to play around with toe-in and height. Does anyone know any experts on positioning vandy’s in south Florida?
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  4. I dunno about that, but I agree with the rest. True story: At one time, I gave some thought to actually putting up a blog of some kind. Or, maybe a series of YouTube presentations. I was going to call it "This Olde Amplifier", which is an obvious play on the TV show. The idea was to talk about modernizing some older amplifiers that are fundamentally good (I was going to say "sound" there instead of good, but decided against it), but had some design flaws and probably could use some maintenance updates anyway. I really hate the idea of perfectly good gear sitting on a shelf in somebody's basement for years collecting dust or getting dumped into a landfill. The original owner may not have interest in the whatever any longer, but somebody might. Waste like that may be good for some audio company's commerce, but I suspect an equal number of the good companies would be happy to see their products make somebody happy, even if it isn't the original owner. Also, I was going to talk about making simple measurements at home that are useful, like the acoustic signature of your listening room. Or, how one can improve the sound of a Tivoli One table radio for about $5 or so and back it up with actual measurements. It's now possible to make many of the same measurements of electronics at home that JA does for the Stereophile "Measurements" portion of product reviews. The investment for the test gear is way less than what people pay for a pair of interconnect or speaker cables. A big idea was to share a bunch of information about computer simulation of electronics and designing your own gear, based around actual examples. (Not loudspeakers, because I am dumb about that subject.) Hobbyists can do a lot now for, ahh, hobbyist amounts of money that was almost impossible for professionals a couple decades ago. Fixing gear and building your own can be rewarding unto itself. I know people who tinker with bicycles for that reason. They like doing that as much or more than riding. Giving a kid or somebody with fewer resources the chance to ride can be very satisfying. You probably get the idea. Then I regained my sanity. First, just imagine the nightmare that would have become. Think about the raging arguments that go on for years at many of the audio related web sites. Nothing ever progresses, except the rancor. Who needs that? Second, I don't want to promote any notion that I might be more knowledgeable than other hobbyists. It's a hobby for most of us. An ego can be a healthy thing, but it also can be something worse. I've read that a glass of wine every day can be healthy in a lot of ways. We pretty much all know that a couple bottles each day can be a problem. (Not a drinker, but I'm also not deaf nor blind.) Same idea. I may have spent more time looking at some objects than others, but that's it. I'm content in that. So, now I just try to offer some information for people to pursue on their own in areas I've looked at before. That's the end of "about me".
  5. 😂 That gave me my first big laugh of the morning as I sit down with my pot of tea!
  6. What the &$#@ is that supposed to imply, you (#@!% *&&^$ $#@? This isn't about fun, you $#+_%! 😅
  7. I am with you Pete. It’s nice to have stumbled across a forum where I know I’m not going to be yelled at for asking a question or making an observation. I realize I know only a little and I am basically stumbling around in the dark trying to sort out how best to optimize the sound of my system in my room. So I’m happy to have the help. Let’s face it, at the end of the day we’re really just talking about record players and glorified FM radios! 😊 best, John
  8. Your WebCam on the SPL meter idea is genius! I’ve been just walking back-and-forth across the room as I’ve done a couple 5A set ups over the past month. Tedious to say the least. I’ve continued to move my speakers around the room looking for “the spot.” Now that I think I have found it I’ll give your remote broadcast method a try when I take my next pass at the settings. Best, John
  9. BK, you ADD so much to this forum. What I've come to enjoy about this board is that we all care about the music and are adult about things. This isn't your normal online community where folks are often mean or selfish. It's typical of what I've come to respect and enjoy aobut Vandersteen owners I've met over the years. We all have strong opinions about things, but realize we all hear differently. We also all appreciate all gear regardless of cost. Heck, it's probably more fun for most of us to help folks purchase an inexpensive system (around the Steen's of course) than we do an expensive one.
  10. Jim, we need to talk. LOL. I just ordered the WT SILVER... Even the Robin Hood Silver may be in your future ;). I know most are using the copper, but even Garth said that the silver is best if you can go there. I have a friend who got the WT silver and said that it was very special. He owns a lot of esoteric cables. Not saying his ears are good or anything like that, but I've heard them twice and was blown away at how much detail they naturally showed. AQ is one of the few companies who have. been able to keep their silver with much larger grain size and that's the key. SOrry, had to at least try and throw this curve ball for you. What are you running on your 7's.
  11. I am so very happy with my system right now! Seriously, it has never sounded better and I cant stop listening to one album after another. ----- First of all, I found a good crossover setting. In my room, with the placement and distances between the mains and subwoofers, I find crossing them over at 80Hz does sound best. Making the switch from the fixed X-2 to M5-HPB crossovers I was a little frustrated that my choices seemed to be either 55Hz or 105Hz with the settings in the documentation. Experimenting with other non documented settings, I was able to find a good 80Hz crossover with switches 2,8,9 ON. Please take care if you are trying to find settings on the M5-HPB to match your amplifier and deviating from the recommended values. Apparently switches 1/10 and 2/9 are linked and using either of the pair without the other puts asymmetrical capacitance on the legs. With the 0.5dB resolution on the volume control of my preamp, I can't get exactly 1.0V at 1KHZ. So my approach was to get as close as possible, and then add/subtract the difference to the 0.707V target. I've verified consistent results using the vandertones tracks as well as my signal generator, and then used a sine wave tone to find where the voltage does hit the adjusted target voltage and noted that as the observed xover point. ----- Second, I took a whack at the low end equalization. I strongly recommend anyone doing this exercise to watch this video where Richard goes through the whole process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7C60LoHGtI0 Normally, I would have my son help me with this kind of thing - reading the sound meter while I made the adjustments but it was late and he was already in bed. So I setup a webcam on my laptop and that let me see the meter clearly from the other side of the room - it worked really well. I could switch tracks, record the values on the worksheet and make the adjustments on each subwoofer easily and comfortably. https://www.vandersteen.com//media/files/Manuals/Vandersteen Audio Setup Data 80 Hertz High-Pass.pdf I went through several iterations and it did seem like some of the adjustments did affect their neighbors, but by the third pass it seemed like the readings were consistent. Although I wasnt able to get to the 1/3 targets on all of them, there were improvements across the board. After going through the EQ, I went on to re-setting the "user controls" for level and contour. The settings I ended up with were close to where I had been before doing the EQ, but a little lower on sensitivity and a little higher on contour. Then I started listening to things to evaluate, and OH MY GOD how much better it sounded overall was amazing. I've been track surfing since then... ----- Today I took some measurements to see what the frequency response looks like now compared to the way it was. I was shocked to see how flat the stereo response is. The individual R and L channels do still have quite a bit of variation, and from what I understand of the process that's fine and the goal is to reduce the magnitude of the peaks/valleys. In these graphs, the darker lines are the current values after the equalization and the lighter ones are from the way it was with all the pots set at "noon".
  12. also some of the photos above show an LFD internal bi-wire speaker cable, very neutral w powered bass Vandy but a bit low low bass shy w Treo. Just trying for photo honesty.
  13. i agree Steve, while the Kimber are great value, i will move to AQ on the amp end of things.....Probably Wm Tell in copper....
  14. You never know. People can get upset over all sorts of things. Anyway, I certainly wish you luck with your project!
  15. I thank you for taking the time to respond. I will never hate you, it’s up to me to weight the information and make my own decision.
  16. Last week
  17. I haven't watched the whole video, but this might be of interest: No, I have no connection to Sonore, or Small Green Computer. Never even saw any of their products in real life. But, like most people here, I do have a connection to YouTube. :8^)
  18. ctsooner

    New MoFi

    Thanks Jim, lol. :). Tomstruck, I"m using The Memory Player. they make what may be the best sounding server in the world. My friend who writes for TAS has one and he has the Taiko Extreme enroute to his house for a review. I'll know soon enough which one is the best. My money is on Taiko. Mine is bespoke as they installed a DAC and also an analog volume control.
  19. I went to a few of the Celtic games in Hartford. I remember Coach Reisner (advanced scout for the Celtics) taking a few of us and we got on the court before the game to meet the players. It was cool. They used Newington HS to practice and I would always be there. I remember meeting Pistol Pete before one of the games. He was so cool to take the time and come say hi. What memories guys. Thanks
  20. I've played with optical isolation a bit when it first started. I met a few of the founders at ComputerAudiophile and they walked my novice and non engineering butt through the process. We listened at first to the stock wall warts. Then we moved onto an inexpensive LPS and we went up from there. We also noticed the biggest difference in putting two LPS's in teh system, but if you must, just one on the DAC side it's worth it.
  21. How does it work? Ahh, that's a simple question with a long answer. Actually. several of each. Do you mean how does optical transmission work? Why might it be better for audio use? How does Ethernet work? My fingers are getting numb at the mere prospect of answering all those. If you have the patience and time, there must be 41 threads about this over at whatever ComputerAudiophile.com is called now. A fellow using the online name of jabbr is pretty knowledgable on the subject. Also, there's this: https://andreweverard.com/2015/06/08/high-resolution-audio-now-with-added-fibre/ These TP-Link convertors each need a power supply. One is supplied in the package for each converter, although it's not the most audiophiley solution. I think the power supply quality is far more important for the downstream converter - the one closest to your streaming device or DAC. One of the main reasons for using these gadgets is to electrically isolate the network side of the system from the audio side, so it's a bad idea to dirty up the side you want to be squeaky clean.. For the EtherRegen, there's an explanation on the Uptone web site. As I said, I've never seen one of these in person, nor do I know anybody who uses one. At least as far as I know. Our digital audio solution here is pretty simple in concept. We have a converted Asus Chromebox running Daphile. This connects via a fancy cable to the ISORegen, which in turn plugs into the QB-9 Twenty. That's it. If I want to add more albums to the Daphile "server" I just send them via WiFi from the iMac I'm typing on, which is attached to a RAID drive with the music library. The Daphile machine has a 1TB SSD, which is enough for a lot of music. It rarely is more than 1/3 full. Daphile will allow streaming and internet "radio" play, but I only tried listening to an internet radio stream once to see if it worked. I'm not going to be much help with the streaming part, I'm afraid. The system we have isn't quite like using vinyl, but it's closer to that in thinking than it is to listening to FM radio, which I think is kind of an analog to streaming.
  22. @BKDad, I should have asked- How does it work? Does it need to be powered? B
  23. OK, if you say so. The TP-Link gadgets are cheap enough that for Huang's application, it probably wouldn't cost much more than a decent Ethernet cable. Not a boutique cable, either. So, if it doesn't work as well as he'd like, he won't hate me forever. Maybe just nine years.
  24. The Celtics played a couple games each year at the HCC from about 1975 to 1995. This allowed them to lock the TV rights for most of CT for the Celtics. Plus, at the time, the HCC actually had a couple thousand more seats than the old Boston Garden. Plus, the Celtics were and still are only tenants in Boston Garden since the company that owns the Bruins owns the Garden. So, the Celtics actually made more money playing in Hartford. Ain't sports and business grand? Anyway, I'm 99% sure that I went to every one of the games in Hartford - may have missed one. I started when I was in college and then my first big investment after graduating was for "season" tickets for the Celtics in Hartford. A season being maybe four games. My girlfriend, later my wife, went until my daughter was born. Then the three of us went. One game was late on a Sunday afternoon. We got there early and bumped into Magic and Kareem who were getting their pregame meal at the ice cream store next to the main entrance to the arena. Ice cream cones... John Thompson was just coming in as we were leaving. Very odd day. Long answer for "I was at that game, too." In case anybody is wondering about the shout Huang is talking about:
  25. BK you bring up a lot of vague cool memories. When the Celtics came to Hartford I always tried to get tickets. I don't know if you are old enough to remember the Wide World of Sports... "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". One of the clips was Larry Bird falling down and heaving the ball and making it. That was in Hartford Civic Center... I was there, and quite saddened that such an awesome shot didn't count!
  26. Alcohol might have been involved I don't remember too much from that time period in my live, 19-20 years old.
  27. @TomicTime, I always find your posts to be well written. Though I do understand the effort that it requires. Bob
  28. @BKDad, I'll trust an honest person before an 'expert'. At least, when it concerns audio. Bob
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