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  2. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been hesitant to try them tight in corners per the manual’s instructions to avoid getting too close on odd line placement between the room dimension’s front to back and side to side measurements. It’s good to know that it is worth trying. I’m sure the bass adjustments make the typical placement guidelines more flexible. What are your hesitancies with your current placement?
  3. Well, I already placed an order for a pair of granite "stands" per CTSooner's specifications. So, we'll see in a couple of weeks how it works for us.
  4. My system (with Quatros Fabric) is downstairs, on laminate plank flooring, floating atop the concrete foundation. I'm wondering if granite planks would be an improvement in my room .........
  5. Johnny Rutan put them right in the corners. 8” from each wall in the corner. Not totally sold on it, but no suck out in the middle and it throws a large large stage.
  6. Ctsooner, do you know the distance of your quatros from the front and side walls? I know all rooms are different, but I’m curious where others have settled.
  7. I’ve used a multimeter on a couple amps with the crossovers. With one it was right on the 0.707. The other time was a little off (I don’t recall the value). I called Richard and he said it was within the normal range and he wasn’t concerned. I have my crossovers in for battery replacement currently and can check values when they come back.
  8. Thanks for the information and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the CTs! I noticed you didn’t have the granite under the new speakers in your pictures. I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on their effect when you reinsert them. That’s interesting about the cones digging in. I was surprised to hear ctsooner say that Richard said to use the spike shoes on top of the granite. I’m not sure what the effect would be one way or the other.
  9. I was using 2” granite slabs under my Quatro cloths. As far as improvements, I think for me, it corrected a listening angle issue. I got some new chairs, and never recalculated the rake angle. Bass was probable tightened up a bit, I know I heard less of it from downstairs. I recently got some Quatro CTs, and took them off the slabs for initial setup. I’ll be able to give a good comparison soon I used some of that drawer liner stuff to protect the floor. I’m also upstairs on hardwood floors. The cones actually made small divots in the granite ,so they were fairly stable.
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  11. After few big changes, I'm now running: Aesthetix Rhea,Aesthetix Calypso, Quicksilver mono 120s, and Quatro CTs. Out front is a VPI Prime and a mac mini pushing Roon thru an Ayre Codex. Im very happy with this setup. Cheers!
  12. I use Wireworld and Cullen cables for power. great value for those of us on a budget!
  13. For those with powered subs, how close are you getting when you verify with a multimeter? I'm referring to the process of checking voltage on track 30 referenced to track 27 on the Vandertones disc. Ive never been able to get .707vac its usually closer to .8
  14. Thanks for your post and I'm so sorry for the tragedy. the system looks great. As you can hear already, these are a different animal. It's crazy how much tech he's put into these things. Happy listening. Share your new music that you are loving.
  15. Sorry for falling off like that,friends. Its been a challenging few weeks with tragedy in our Family. But I'm back with a long overdue update. The audio planets lined up for me, and a one year old pair of Quatro CTs hit the local market. I couldnt pass these up! After much fussing with placement( these seem more particular with placement than my cloth version) and some minor room changes, I'm pretty darn close. Now its down to tube rolling to dial in the last bit. I had been going back and forth between an Aesthetix Atlas amp and a pair of Quicksilver mono 120s. I really wanted to stick with the Atlas, as I have a Calypso and Rhea on the front end. But after much A/B listening, my wife and I both prefer the Quickies. These are wonderful amps and a great value. I ended up soldering a cap on the input of each amp to accomplish my hi-pass. Its a simple and effective solution, that saved me money on a single ended M5HP. These speakers are awesome. Resolution is the big improvement here. Every little change I make, whether it be tubes, caps, or cables; is easily discernable. that being said,it does no favors for crappy digital recordings. Im very fortunate to have landed these, and at the encouragement of my wife! Thanks to all that replied to my first post. This is going to be a great place to hang out. Happy listening, Amigos!
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  17. I started my journey with Vandersteen speakers at Haven's and Hardesty in Huntington Beach. It was around 1985. I was looking to upgrade my Infinity floorstanders and a friend suggested I go check out this new line. I enjoyed the 2C's for many years before moving up to the 3A's. After ten years with them, I drove them up to Hanford and had the Signature upgrade done. Enjoyed those until 2014 when the opportunity for a pair of Quatros came my way. I had been contemplating adding a pair of 2W's, but per Richard's recommendation, "you will not get the integrated performance by adding subs to 3A Sig's that the Quatros will provide." I've been enjoying them ever since and am glad this forum has launched. Play on Stereo System Feb 2020.odt
  18. as well as a few other accomplished studio musicians, it's a good recipe. This original issue ........... no 180gr, remastered, remixed, expanded or colored vinyl, sounds fantastic!
  19. 1) All rooms are different, but in MOST cases, your 2C's will sound best when the distance between the tweeters equals the distance from each tweeter to your listening position 2) An amp's power rating is significant, but it is not the only criteria to judge any amplifier. Generally, the more power you have, the greater headroom; but, the only true test is in the listening Play on
  20. I'm am running a vintage pair of 2c's, mint condition. I have (2) questions: 1) my speakers are approximately 18' with minimal toe-in. I've read that moving them closer together may improve soundstage. If so, what is a good measurement for them? 2) I started out pushing my V's with a freshly recapped Sansui AU417 (65wpc) in a verticle bi-amp config. Original owners manual states anything from 40-120wpc would be fine for these speakers, also recommending verticle bi-amping. However, they seemed to be thirsty for a bit more power, lacking in "fullness". I recently ordered a Rotel RB1070 (100wpc) power amp along with matching preamp to replace the Sansui. My question is about the additional power. Would this Rotel setup be a better match with my 2c's in that they are more powerful as well as seperates? Is ther a "sweet spot" power rating that has been detrrmined for these mid 80s model speakers?? TIA for all responses. Cecil
  21. It isn't quite bespoke. I'm the guinea pig for their designs. It's by far the best server/streamer I've ever heard. My buddy reviews for TAS adn he had the Taiko and others in. He still owns what I have. I have ht eDAC, he doesn't. The DAC will be very good as the last one was outstanding. I am trying to get them to spend the extra few $$$ to take the DAC into the 20k+ range. It's not that far off.
  22. Oh! Just like a bespoke Seville Road tailcoat, eh? If nothing else, it ought to be interesting!
  23. I had the QX5/20, but sold it as I have a server/streamer that has a DAC. They are rebuilding and designing it right now, but I have no idea how it's going to sound. If I don't like it, I'll just get a new DAC.
  24. There's also the overall economics that you have to consider. Could I devote all my spare time for years and come up with something better than a Vandersteen design? I doubt it. He has access to better drivers than I ever would. He has decades of experience. It would cost me probably 10X the price of a new pair of Vandersteen to come up with anything close. Plus, all that lost time. It makes far more sense to deal with experts for this. And Richard Vandersteen is an expert. I feel fortunate that he has chosen to make a business out of his passion and I can partake of it that way. I also considered this with regard to DACs. Could I design an as good or better DAC than an Ayre product? Maybe. Maybe not. It would take a man year of my time. Plus, the required design tools to properly build a suitable digital filter for use in an FPGA actually would cost more than an Ayre DAC. So, what's the point there? I find Ayre products to match my general idea of what sounds good, how a product is built, and how a company is run, so it makes perfect sense to purchase an Ayre DAC. Power filters, amps, and preamps and those things are more in my wheelhouse. My silly comments are distracting from Nutznboltz's system, which is inconsiderate on my part. So, I apologize to him and everybody else. Thank you again for your generous help.
  25. Well put. Fully appreciate what you are saying.
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