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  2. Johnny in NJ, Rick in CO and Joe in WI are GREAT set up men.
  3. It's often the little things that make a nice difference. We live in a subjective land of minor changes and often times changes are noticed and assumed good until you really spend some time listening. That's why it's so hard to believe anything from shows (I know Ricahrd often wins BOS etc... but I still don't buy into that too much).
  4. Hello and welcome Paul, thank you for jumping on board. I started my Vandersteen journey with 2C's. I'm on my third pair of Richard's fine work; a devoted fan for sure. While I can't see your listening chair, it appears that it is a little farther from your 2's than the distance from the middle to the middle of each. Have you tried reaching an equilateral triangle? Also, have you been able to determine if your toe-in is identical? I'm no expert, but have a fair amount of experience with setting up Vandy's. Small adjustments can make large improvements. If appropriate, I would be glad to share the toe-in measuring method that John Rutan of Audio Connection taught me. Play on
  5. Interesting observations / insights guys. The Herbie's I had allowed my to slide my Quatros fairly easily. I still play with the degree of toe-in; sometimes very slight changes. Since I've put the Vandersteen footers down, I have not attempted any adjustments; but, I'm guessing the felt would also allow those little tweaks to be accomplished fairly easily. Pardon me for repeating myself, but it's been a week now and I'm still taken back by the level of improvement from such a modest upgrade.
  6. The felt is a special felt. It's got characteristics that Richard sought and it's why he uses it. He auditions in his living room and always on vinyl and with his wife. He constantly refers to her listening thoughts when sharing. The foundation is as important as anything. Set up's are my personal nemesis. I can't set up speakers for my life. I think it's because I can't move things anymore. When I was younger I was physically capable of making the large and small adjustments etc... I do wish I was better.
  7. Two things I forgot. Yeah, I'm kinda slow... Just a reminder - the Herbie's Puckies I used are made from titanium. It appears that the Vandersteen Spike Shoes are made from stainless steel, but that's a guess by me. That might explain at least part of the sound difference. Dunno. The Puckies are also available in stainless steel. Second, the Vandersteen Spike Shoes have felt on the bottom. The Herbie's Puckies have some sort of somewhat thin but firm elastomer on their bottoms. This might also explain the sound, but there's also a pragmatic difference. The Puckies tend to stick to the granite, or I'd presume, a hardwood floor. The Spike Shoes allow for a certain amount of sliding. Not "non-caloric silicon-based kitchen lubricant" slippery, but if you apply real force to move the loudspeaker they'll grudgingly but smoothly slide. Either one might be a feature or a bug, depending on what you want.
  8. Hi all, Here is my system in an 11 x 16 room with Pass Labs electronics. Finding fairly extreme toe-in is what works best for my listening position. Bass is perfect; midrange is finicky. Would love to see more setups here. Best wishes, Paul
  9. Today I replaced the Herbie's titanium Cone/Spike Puckies (not the glider things) between the Quatro CT spikes and the granite base with official Vandersteen spike shoes. Without going into all the sordid details, Vandershoes are somewhat better. Here's how I'd rate them on a completely arbitrary scale: Quatro CT's spike to floor: 80 On granite base with Herbie's: 96 On granite base with Vandershoes: 100 This doesn't mean that everything is perfect. The scale can be rescaled at any time. But, I must say it's all pretty darned good now... 😊 If nothing else, this experiment yet again demonstrates the importance of set-up and all the little details that take time to sort out. These details aren't as sexy as buying new expensive gear but probably are more productive in the long run. It also makes me wonder how much stock we all should place in reviews. Just how much optimization can they get right in a couple weeks? I now wonder how our old 2Ci's would've worked on a base set-up like this. (I can't rate them on the above scale, since we've changed other system aspects since going to Quatro CT's) There probably should be a law that if you purchase Vandersteen loudspeakers, they should be placed atop Vandershoes on a rock floor, or on a granite base if you have wood floors. Of course, if you own 7's that means using Bedrocks. That's according to me, at least. 😜
  10. I don't love doing auditions that much. I do them when I'm serious about making changes and when asked to (ie folks send gear to listen to or bring it over). it can be a lot of fun, but it's time consuming. I'd rather listen to music 90% of the time. I know I love a product when I can start off auditioning and then I realize I haven't made any notes and I still have music playing, lol.
  11. That's what I mean. You could spend a lifetime juggling all the possibilities. But, whatever wets your whistle!
  12. Yes a ton of variables. That's why cords and cables are a bit different than components, but man do they make a difference. I will be needing to sell my 2m run of the hurricane power cord as my set up is so different. I'll then probably get a pair of Blizzard for the Quatro's and then whatever I can afford for the amps. I have a Basis cord that AJ game me before he passed that I may use on the Server/DAC/volume and then I'd have two Hurricanes for the amps. I'll have to see what works best after the new outlets are moved behind the system.
  13. I upgraded the subwoofer power cables within a month or so of buying the Quatro's. We were having too much fun just listening... The new cables made a very noticeable and worthwhile difference. At least, to me. The cables I'm using are kind of a home recipe based on some discussions with the late Bob Crump when he was still alive. TG Audio power cables may be similar. I'm not sure if TG is still around, though. I use the same recipe throughout the entire system, with the exception of the power amp (It's a Tiffany TPC-60 with new connectors - a gift from the designer who is a childhood buddy of mine. Good luck finding any now.) and the Apple TV and cable TV box. The latter use C7 IECs, so of necessity they are different. One of the downsides of playing with audio systems is that there are way too many variables, many of which are dependent. It's easy to get lost down a bunch of rabbit holes.
  14. I jumped on board after spending the day with Garth. Just learned so much and I don't see MKII for a bit and even then, I can't see it being that much better. He's working on his interconnects now, but I doubt they will be as big a step up as the cords and then speaker cables are.
  15. I upgraded the power cords for my M7-HPAs and it made a huge difference. I got a pair of Hurricanes from Johnny R at Audio Connection.
  16. ct, eagerly awaiting your observations when you upgrade your Quatro cables. I've been considering upgrading my power cables for a while now; still deciding whether to do my amps or my Quatros (stock now on the Quatros, Morrow MAP3 on my PSE Studio V mono amps).
  17. Oh, I believe that Kento's are better than our Quatro CT's. Why wouldn't they be? Vandersteen has always been transparent about their offerings. I do not believe for one second that Richard would offer a product at a higher price that isn't better than the Quatro CT's. That's never been how they've done business. It's just that some things in life are going to be remain aspirational for most of us. As for the cables and the power conditioners, well, I am certain that both can make a positive difference. I'd still rather build my own. But, even then, we do own some expensive AQ interconnect and speaker cables. It's just not my nature to jump on the newest model every year. Too much philosophy!
  18. Very cool Eric. I'm supposed to be back out there in a few weeks. My wife used to live in Wauwatosa. they actually had a mass shooting at the mall today. So sad. I understand why you like him so much. Just a great guy.
  19. Oh I totally get it. Can't get in and out of lower vehicles. Totally sucks as it cuts so many options. Even getting in and out of some smaller sedans are difficult. I just got an SUV when my lease for a sedan was up.
  20. Ultra Fidelis is my favorite dealer. Jon is terrific. Too bad I live so far. I don't get there very often.
  21. Yeah. It's not the size, per se. It's lowering yourself into the seats and hoisting yourself out. I'm good with that, but she definitely isn't. In this case, they're also not exactly inexpensive - not in our normal budget. Plus, the nearest dealer is in Greenwich. That's as bad as buying audio gear. Pfui.
  22. I have MS and wasn't able to look at these smaller cars for similar reason, lol.
  23. That's actually pretty close. The pragmatic problem is that my wife couldn't really get into or out a car like that very well, due to her hips. Even a Porsche 911 would be hard. Life is full of compromises.
  24. Richard says that you can't run the spikes directly into a hard surface. You need the spike shoes. It's designed for his speakers. That felt is a special felt. He used to recommend carnage bolts for hard wood floors as a spike replacement.
  25. BK, I can't afford them either. Heck, I've stretched myself way more than I have a right to. I just love listening to my music and I do it for hours a day. They are for the special group who have no problems purchasing them. It's all relative as we know. I'm happy for those who can write those checks, lol... That's why I spend time at shops when I can so that I get to hear this great stuff. I was skeptical about cords until I met Garth and he auditioned his prototypes. I knew after that , that I would own a Niagara (can only afford the 1000) and power cords. They made such a positive difference, that I budgeted them the way I do components. Well worth it. Heck, even his lesser expensive cords sound better to my ears than most of the uber priced exotics that I've auditioned (yes, have heard them all side by side in the same systems). JMHO
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