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    Just did an upgrade from Treo CTs driven by a VTL integrated amp to Quatro Wood CTs with the M5-HPA amps and a Rogue Audio RP-9 preamp. Sources are very tweaked Rega turntable, Rogue Ares phono preamp, and an exaSound DAC and streamer. The new speakers and amps have been in place for a month and the dealer (Stereo Unlimited in San Diego) is coming back soon to tweak the equalizers on the Quatros. The sketch shows the converted bedroom I'm able to use as a dedicated listening room, and I've done quite a bit of do-it-yourself room treatment.
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    Hello and welcome Paul, thank you for jumping on board. I started my Vandersteen journey with 2C's. I'm on my third pair of Richard's fine work; a devoted fan for sure. While I can't see your listening chair, it appears that it is a little farther from your 2's than the distance from the middle to the middle of each. Have you tried reaching an equilateral triangle? Also, have you been able to determine if your toe-in is identical? I'm no expert, but have a fair amount of experience with setting up Vandy's. Small adjustments can make large improvements. If appropriate, I would be glad to share the toe-in measuring method that John Rutan of Audio Connection taught me. Play on
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    Today I replaced the Herbie's titanium Cone/Spike Puckies (not the glider things) between the Quatro CT spikes and the granite base with official Vandersteen spike shoes. Without going into all the sordid details, Vandershoes are somewhat better. Here's how I'd rate them on a completely arbitrary scale: Quatro CT's spike to floor: 80 On granite base with Herbie's: 96 On granite base with Vandershoes: 100 This doesn't mean that everything is perfect. The scale can be rescaled at any time. But, I must say it's all pretty darned good now... 😊 If nothing else, this experiment yet again demonstrates the importance of set-up and all the little details that take time to sort out. These details aren't as sexy as buying new expensive gear but probably are more productive in the long run. It also makes me wonder how much stock we all should place in reviews. Just how much optimization can they get right in a couple weeks? I now wonder how our old 2Ci's would've worked on a base set-up like this. (I can't rate them on the above scale, since we've changed other system aspects since going to Quatro CT's) There probably should be a law that if you purchase Vandersteen loudspeakers, they should be placed atop Vandershoes on a rock floor, or on a granite base if you have wood floors. Of course, if you own 7's that means using Bedrocks. That's according to me, at least. 😜
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    What upgraded-from-stock power cords are people using with their Vandersteen subwoofers? The challenge is finding a cord whose IEC 15 connector fits within the subwoofer amp’s fins. Anything much larger than a stock IEC15 will not fit.
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    That's what I mean. You could spend a lifetime juggling all the possibilities. But, whatever wets your whistle!
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    I upgraded the power cords for my M7-HPAs and it made a huge difference. I got a pair of Hurricanes from Johnny R at Audio Connection.
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    Yeah. It's not the size, per se. It's lowering yourself into the seats and hoisting yourself out. I'm good with that, but she definitely isn't. In this case, they're also not exactly inexpensive - not in our normal budget. Plus, the nearest dealer is in Greenwich. That's as bad as buying audio gear. Pfui.
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    Got my new Treo CT's about a month and a half ago. Speakers are now burned in and everything sounds amazing. These speakers were a replacement for my 3A Sigs.
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    I don't know which Herbie's you have (brass, stainless steel or titanium), but when I replaced my Herbie's brass with Vandersteen footers, the level of improvement, across the entire frequency range, was not subtle. Highly recommended.
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    Nice to see this forum. Here is my new listening room in the old house we just bought. Vandersteen 5A leading the way. More photos to come.
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    Herbies sliders are out and speakers are now spiked directly to the tile over concrete floor. Better? Yes for sure. I've been planning on doing this for some time but laziness and being really busy is no excuse I guess. Not a huge difference but the bass is better and everything is a bit more "vivid". I can see people with brighter systems/speakers benefitting from the Herbies sliders. They did make my old 3A sigs sound better though. Cheers!
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    Oh my Art, you might be amazed how much of an improvement the Vandersteen footers make. I just swapped out my Herbie's Sliders (brass) and was quite surprised. ct, I'm confident you will realize a significant improvement as well. Play on
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    Just wanted to share my most recent upgrade experience. My fabric Quatros live on concrete floor with laminate plank covering it. I have been using Herbie's Audio Lab brass gliders under them. Thanks to John Rutan, my set of Vandersteen footers arrived yesterday. With the help of our daughter's boyfriend, the swap only took a few minutes. I played three of my reference albums. I expected a slight improvement; but instead, I was quite taken back (more like blown away). We've all those sessions when our system sounds better on some days than others. This was dramatic. Not only is the bass tighter, there is more clarity and definition, as well as meat. The bass drum has never sounded more life-like and all the other instruments are just better defined. I could go on and on with more audiophile superlatives that we're all familiar with, but I'm really pleased. For you folks who employ granite planks under your Vandy's, I'm not sure if the same level of improvement would be realized; but, I encourage anyone with concrete floors to try them under your spikes / cones. The greatest $132 upgrade you will ever discover.
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    We had moved two blocks from our previous house so I had them completely packed up in their original packaging. We took them downstairs before I unboxed them.
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    Yes, caution must be taken when moving Quatros around. As soon as my Vandy spike footers arrive, I'll be calling my brother to come over and assist. This time, I'll have him lay on the floor with them in hand, while I tilt each speaker, one cone / spike at a time, to replace the existing gliders.
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    It was not so much the vibrations as simply having no room for a separate rack for the turntable inside the room. As you can see from the pictures of my equipment rack, it could not go on top of that without blocking the center channel. As it is, I had to mount that pretty low to the top the rack, which is why I have some dampening material covering the top shelf.
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    The Treos blow away the 3A Sigs. Bass is slightly less deep than the 3A's but its much faster and more articulate. I play a lot of rock and reggae and the Treos will do that kind of music very well as long as you have a powerful amp.
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    Really enjoying this tread and thought I’d jump in. My dealer got me started with Treo CT’s using Linn ADSM and Linn A4200 amp in 2017. Originally, I was leaning toward some Linn speakers but heard the Treos in his shop and stopped me in my tracks. I’ve been very happy with this simple set up since. About two months ago, my dealer told me he decided to retire after more then 3 decades in the HiFi business and everything in his shop will be sold on large discounts. That’s trouble I said. The first day of the sale was a mad house with customers coming out of the wood work. I grabbed him and said to put sold stickies on the quartos, and M5 hfa’s, which them went to cables and interconnects, etc. I love the Quattro/M5 set up. So rich and amazing sound. I kept the Treo’s and added the Ayre VX-5 twenty. It is the old saying, I may be broke but look how much money I saved. I don’t see any more tweaking to either system and take lots of deep breaths. A major jump in all respects for a newbe. But all good. Oh, and there was also a Linn TT involved in the purchase but can’t bring myself to talk about it yet.
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    BK, I appreciate your humility, but I don't think you are wrong. I think I read the same review and while that individual probably has more experience (and $ invested) in this hobby than you and me together, his is just one opinion. Regarding Wilson speakers, I'm with you and ctsooner; I've heard them in numerous settings and never found them as engaging as Vandersteens. They've always had an "in your face" presentation to me; but, maybe I've not heard them in a suitable set up. You know what they say, if Schlitz was the only beer in the world, eventually you might get used to it. I would like to hear from any Vandy owner who has given the Iso-Acoustic products a try on their speakers. But, to accommodate the weight of the Quatros, I would need to spend $900. I think there are several significant tweaks in that price range. Play on Steve
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    Yeah - you can almost always find something to rave about. Even sincerely.
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    I don’t really ask questions like that and am always polite when asked what I think of their system. I will make suggestions though about set up and improving the sound of the room. Room issues are usually the issue anyway as there is plenty of good sounding gear out there.
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    I want to expand a bit on the comment I made with regard to perception. My wife went to a famous music school. (She, however, is NOT famous.) She pointed out to me that most musicians she has known don't care much about home audio. Why? Most can friggin just read the sheet music and the sound appears in their head. Not much need for granite speaker platforms for them. The exceptions are when they are trying to analyze their own playing and when they are trying to gauge how a recording sounds prior to letting other people listen to it in some way. My point is, they listen in a different way than most of us do. There are people who really only care about the beat. That's another perception priority. There's a really good argument that can be made that music becomes popular when you can sing it or sing along with it. The past century has demonstrated that, based on what music sells in whatever form. People all work differently in the way their brains and auditory systems work. It's just the way it is. Much like taste in food, sexual desires, and the rest. Different strokes for different folks. And so on and so on. That's a long explanation of why I personally won't come down on Wilson Audio loudspeaker lovers. Or, any other sonic preference. For some good reading, I will recommend this book: http://gregoryberns.com/iconoclast.html
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    Whoever would've guessed that you could spend so much money on feet? As for Wilson Audio products, I figure that since this is a hobby for almost all of us, people should be able to spend however much they want on whatever they want. If a product ends up doing what they want, good for them! Everybody has different desires and perceptions.
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    I started my journey with Vandersteen speakers at Haven's and Hardesty in Huntington Beach. It was around 1985. I was looking to upgrade my Infinity floorstanders and a friend suggested I go check out this new line. I enjoyed the 2C's for many years before moving up to the 3A's. After ten years with them, I drove them up to Hanford and had the Signature upgrade done. Enjoyed those until 2014 when the opportunity for a pair of Quatros came my way. I had been contemplating adding a pair of 2W's, but per Richard's recommendation, "you will not get the integrated performance by adding subs to 3A Sig's that the Quatros will provide." I've been enjoying them ever since and am glad this forum has launched. Play on Stereo System Feb 2020.odt
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    I am having difficulty loading a photo.
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    Very cool setup.
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