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    back to the topic at hand...... i have been working on a review, but i hurl at doing real writing work......
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    As a woodworker, it’s easy to appreciate those floors. Love reclaimed wood. I literally just made Sapelle bases for the M5’s last week
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    @Eric Neff I concur. After a visit to Audioconnection with Peter (ctsooner), I had to admit the new cables are in a class beyond anything I would have imagined. I ended up selling all my other cables (Zu and PS Audio) and buying the AQ. Especially the one's Garth is putting out are miles ahead of what they were offering. Bob
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    The newest release from MoFi Ultra Disc One-step Pessing Stevie Ray Vaughan Couldn't Stand The Weather The track Tin Pan Ally gave me goosebumps I believe it was one of the song that won Vandersteen and Audio Connection best sound at the NYC Audio Show in Brooklyn
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    Thought they looked familiar
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    Just did an upgrade from Treo CTs driven by a VTL integrated amp to Quatro Wood CTs with the M5-HPA amps and a Rogue Audio RP-9 preamp. Sources are very tweaked Rega turntable, Rogue Ares phono preamp, and an exaSound DAC and streamer. The new speakers and amps have been in place for a month and the dealer (Stereo Unlimited in San Diego) is coming back soon to tweak the equalizers on the Quatros. The sketch shows the converted bedroom I'm able to use as a dedicated listening room, and I've done quite a bit of do-it-yourself room treatment.
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    Started off with Thiels, then Vandy 5A's and now the wonderful Sevens. Words can't properly describe the enjoyment I feel whilst listening. Prefer listening to vinyl over digital and most of my listening is analog. Equipment: Vandersteen Model Seven loudspeakers dCS Puccini SACD/CD player & DAC dCS Puccini U-Clock Bauer dps 3/Ayre Turntable Lyra Atlas cartridge Ayre KX-R Twenty Pre-amp Audio Research REF 3 Phono stage Ayre MX-R Twenty Monoblock amps Audioquest Niagara 5000 Power Filter Melco N1ZH Network Streamer Cables: Audioquest Hurricane High Power, Hurricane Source and Thunder 72V DBS power cables Audioquest FireBird Mythical Creatures 72V DBS speaker cables in bi-wire configuration (FireBird ZERO and FireBird BASS) Audioquest WEL William E Low Signature Cable balanced interconnects 72V DBS Audioquest Diamond 72V DBS USB cable Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder 72V DBS 75 Ohm digital cable Audioquest Eagle Eye 72V DBS BNC 75 Ohm digital cable Misc: Solid Tech Rack of Silence equipment racks with suspension shelves Finite Elemente Pagode turntable wall shelf Ayre myrtle wood blocks used under all equipment and also under interconnect and power cables to ensure they are raised above floor Silent Running Audio "Ohio Class" Audio isoBASE custom made amp stands for the Ayre MX-R Twenty Monoblock amps Cardas XLR and RCA caps on unused inputs/outputs Audioquest Edison 20A AC duplex power outlet connected to dedicated 20Amp circuit Audioquest Jitterbugs Home Theater (in addition to above): Equipment: Denon AVR-3312 surround sound receiver Panasonic DMR-BW750 Blu-Ray player/recorder XBOX ONE JBL in ceiling surround loudspeakers Pioneer PDP-LX509A Plasma monitor (ISF calibrated) Cables: Audioquest King Cobra balanced interconnects Audioquest HDMI cables, rear speaker cable
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    Yes i believe Richard had a pair of MXR running his 7’s while his amp was in development, the MXR with 7 combo is one i have heard in several well sorted rooms and systems now and is very, very highly musical. Charlie was a genius, RIP.
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    We also own a QB-9 Twenty and it is truly great, at least in my wife's and my opinions. I have zero desire to upgrade that part of the system. ~~~~~~ My opinion, for whatever it's it's worth, is that digital reproduction can be just as engaging as vinyl reproduction or more so. There's two major provisions to this, however. One is that a lot of digital albums have been poorly converted to digital along the way. Some have even been entirely remastered, which may not be what you want to hear. The other is that almost all home digital systems are rife with noise problems. This often affects digital systems far more than analog systems, since digital reproduction is usually in the hundreds of kilohertz realm with many up to dozens of megahertz. I've spent probably hundreds of hours trying to address all this, with some success. It's a problem at both the system level as well as at the individual component level. I've already probably said too much... One other point to consider is that an awful lot of the vinyl albums that so many people rave about were cut using a digitally based system. The Ampex ADD-1 was introduced some time in the 70's.
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    This is my main Vandersteen System. I have a Viella V12 turntable with AMG 12JT tonearm and Hana Umami cartridge, an Ayre P-5xe phono stage, an Ayre QX-5 Twenty DAC, an Ayre KX-5 Twenty Preamp, and an Ayre VX-5 Twenty Amplifier plus an Oppo UDP-205 universal disc player. All this from John Rutan at Verona's own Audio Connection. I used to have wood Quatros but since there wasn't an upgrade path when the Quatro CT came out I sought out a used pair of 5As. My room is 39' long so it certainly can sustain the bass from the 5As. It's a really wonderful system, thanks to everyone who has made it possible. Oh that's a Nakamichi 630 FM Tuner where the turntable was intended to go in my 1960s Swedish stereo cabinet. It works but doesn't get used much, it's mainly so we don't pile junk in that spot. I also have another system with Vandersteen 1s, an ADCOM 545, and an NAD preamp and a third with Vandersteen 2cis, a V2W subwoofer, and a VCC center channel as part of a 5:1 surround sound system in my basement. Plus another system with a Music Reference RM-9 and Carlsson OA-52's, not Vandersteen but worth remarking on since they are quite a different experience altogether.
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    as a previous Ayre VX-R Twenty owner, I would rather have M5 amps.
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    Yes !!! I am sooooo happy to know where they landed. Glad you are enjoying them. I got them from Randy Cooley of Optimal Enchantment in Santa Monica - they were his personal pair. i met Alan amp and dac shopping when we lived in Charleston. Alan took the 5a in trade for 7 mk II about 4 years later.... Enjoy them in great health, looks like you have a fantastic system and a great room - they should sing ! Jim
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    7 mk II with HiPass 7 amps, blessed I know. I have heard the M5 amps, crazy good value IMO. Enjoy the music. Jim
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    Sweet looking system Mike! Beautiful 5s AND a sub ............... your room might be pretty large?
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    Here it is: YES,John is the real deal
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    @Robertsmania, Boy, you seem to have very good ears as well as a great deal of patience. B
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    This higher distortion indicates a defective mid-range which needs to be rebuilt. Usually a sign of a damaged voice coil but a lot can happen in 15 years. Distortion this high would never get through QC as every pair goes through the chamber. RV
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    but, for all of James Taylor’s work, this is way up on my list. Recorded early in his career and not the most well known, but all the different instruments, short duration of the tunes, and how they fluently blend from one to the next, I think it’s a masterpiece. Richard talks about goosebumps that music can produce. This one gives ‘em to me every time.
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    Man, having wrestled a couple of 2ceSigs around the room over the past 15 years, I have to commend your devotion to this project. Looks like you're out for extra credit and will most definitely be in line for a gold star! 🤩 best, John
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    ctsooner the one-step MoFi at Johns are mine I believe you where there when Nick played Donald Fagen Nightfly
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    LOL.. I'd happily go to Bruce in SD or Suni in West Covina. Johnny is just one of a kind. He undersells to earn trust and in turn gives loyalty. It's a neat business model.
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    I concur with Mr. V. When I was starting out in the early '80's. Everyone thought spending money on stereo equipment was a waste of money-Though they did appreciate listening to my systems. Horses for courses, I suppose. I also agree that the internet has made buying and selling equipment much easier -And, much fairer with regards to resale prices. In fact, I never could have afforded the equipment I am using if it weren't for HifiShark, Audiogon, and USAM. Though I should mention I never would have known what to buy if it weren't for John Rutan. In fact, if I had listened to him completely, I would have saved many thousands of dollars. Bob
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    For what its worth I have an Audio Research Ref 75SE powering my Quatro CT's Awesome to my ears, great synergy. I think that the Treo may be a bit more power hungry. Perhaps a used ARC REF 110 would be a good option. I have heard this combo and it works! Vandy, ARC and AQ seem to have a natural synergy.
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    My relationship with John Rutan is unique. I'm in Southern California; he's in New Jersey. I first came in contact with John by bidding on a used preamp he had listed. I failed to realize it was a line stage, and I was looking for a preamp that included a phono section. Already committed to purchase, he left me a message to call him. When I explained my mistake, he couldn't have been more gracious. His words were something like, "oh don't worry, we want you to get what you want." Fast forward a couple of years and a rare listing of a "previously owned" pair of Quatros hits the press. Turns out, it was one of John's customers selling them. There were a few details to be worked out, not the least of which was the seller did not have a complete set of cartons. John facilitated the entire transaction like I was purchasing them from him, and charged me a very minimal fee. Since then, he and I have had numerous phone conversations, some in excess of 30 minutes. On one occasion, I had left him a voicemail. It was a little after 10pm Pacific and I was getting ready for bed. He rings me up, "hey Steve, sorry it took so long to get back to you, I just left Ornette Coleman's bass player's house, setting up a pair of 5A Carbons" ....... 10pm my time! I realize this is beginning to sound like an Audio Connection commercial, but I can't praise John Rutan enough. Someday, I'll get to meet him in person!
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    I'm using a Pass Labs X250.8. Really like the pairing.
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    Electronics are PS Audio BHK Signature 300 Monoblocks and Pre-amp. PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC and Disc Player connected via Is2. VPI Prime Signature TT with Ortofon Cadenza Bronze cartridge. Simaudio Moon 610 LP Phono Pre. All AudioQuest cables including William Tell speaker cables. AudioQuest Niagara power management. Everything pairs nicely with the Quatro CT's. I love the sound.
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    Red Dust & Spanish Lace was my introduction to them ........... fun music
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    but I enjoy the sound of this band and the recording quality. Was lucky enough to see them (before founding member Nick Webb's passing in 1998) at a small, intimate venue in Newport Beach. Some real nice steel and nylon string acoustic guitar work. The song "Casino" will get yer toes a tappin
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    Boy, you really are thinking this through. If I didn't have a couple few shots of The Balvenie, I'd try to decipher those graphs.🤪 B
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    So, how does this board makes the knives sound? 😀
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    Really nice job Pete post some photos with the speakers
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    love, love the room. what wood are the floors ? we are neighbors, have a winter condo in Carlsbad, Bruce is my dealer also...fun
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    Sweet setup and pictures!
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    You will notice a big improvement. Enjoy!
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    You guys have inspired me. I just placed an order for: Niagara 3000 with Dragon power cord Re terminate my Hurricane power cords with the 20amp connection the M5-HPA's have that will plug into the 3000 Hurricane power cords with the new proprietary connectors to fit the Quatro's Fire balanced interconnects until the new line comes out. (I already have a Diamond USB if I need one and will start with the top Basis power cord until I can sell it and get the Dragon source for the server/DAC/analog volume control) I sold my WT 8' run that's the zero and bass for a 3' run of William Tell Silver with the zero and bass runs for true bi wire
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    they look like...old friends..... did you get them from Alan in Atlanta ?
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    Yes, I sent the midranges in for repair last week. UPS says they are out for delivery today. Amazingly quick turn around and excellent communication from Ray in the service department. I'll report back once the speakers are back together and I've had a chance to evaluate them with the newly rebuilt midranges, but I have supreme confidence all will be well.
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    In reply to the original question I have been running a VTL S-200 for the past 3 years. First with my 2ce Sigs and now, for the past month, with my 5As. As you might expect, the VTL was an ENORMOUS upgrade over the Yamaha MX630 and NAD 2200 that it replaced.
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    Hey, I am not drinking in bar rooms with women who are not my wife nor am I crashing high priced cars I cannot afford on my way home from said bar room. So yes, I think all things considered this hi-fi madness is rather benign and endlessly entertaining.
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    Yes I make the Ayre Codex Cradle that John sells
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    Please do. I love the look on mine when sitting on the black granite slabs. I could see getting them in anodized black if he ever wanted to offer the in that finish, lol.
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    I have a complete Brinkmann System with Vandersteen HP-5 Amplifiers. Brinkmann Nyquist Mark 2, Brinkmann Marconi Mark 2, Brinkmann Edison Mark 2, Brinkmann Spyder Turntable with an Acoustical systems tonearm, HRS RXR Audio stands, isolation platforms, Damping plates and more. Cables and power by AudioQuest.
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    Sunny components Inc is a store in Covina, Ca. We are proud to work with Vandersteen audio and will be posting pictures and details of our new experiences from our store. I am personally very proud of the Brinkmann/HRS/Audioquest/Vandy system even though it's not the most expensive system, It's the system that I would like to sell the most. The Kento Loudspeaker is an accumulation of several design principles, some new innovations and the finest amplifier Richard and his team know how to build. This speaker gets very close to the performance of the all mighty ( bowing down in respect to the Mark 7 V2 ) 7. We at Sunny's love the performance of Richard's new M5 HPA Amplifier the best as it was purpose built to work with his speakers. Generally a electronics company has to build a speaker that plays nice with several speakers, designs, philosophies and construction tolerances. Richard had the luxury in building and designing 2 pairs of amplifiers that are optimized to work with his hand made drivers. There is no company that makes amplifiers better suited to Richards speakers than his very own M5-HPA amps. We have tried several in our store. We know this well. Our system consists of Brinkmann electronics ( Always upgradeable ) as this is how we first auditioned Richard's speakers in Munich Germany. They received " Best of show " by several coveted magazines and reviewers. Brinkmann electronics are a stunning value with solid world class engineering and execution to sound principles. As all our high performance systems are placed on HRS Audio stands to really extract an additional 25% to 30% more performance. We also like using Audience and AudioQuest cables and power products.
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    Sources are AMG Viella-12 Turbo with Lyra Atlas and Aurender N-10. Audio Research Reference Phono-3 phono stage, Audio Research DAC-9 , Simaudio/Moon 850P pre-amp, Simaudio/Moon 870A power amp Vandersteen 5A Carbons, Vandersteen M7-HP crossovers, all cables and power conditioning are Audioquest. (That other junk in the photo is a completely separate in-wall home theater system with no interface to to the main audio system.)
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