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    I started my journey with Vandersteen speakers at Haven's and Hardesty in Huntington Beach. It was around 1985. I was looking to upgrade my Infinity floorstanders and a friend suggested I go check out this new line. I enjoyed the 2C's for many years before moving up to the 3A's. After ten years with them, I drove them up to Hanford and had the Signature upgrade done. Enjoyed those until 2014 when the opportunity for a pair of Quatros came my way. I had been contemplating adding a pair of 2W's, but per Richard's recommendation, "you will not get the integrated performance by adding subs to 3A Sig's that the Quatros will provide." I've been enjoying them ever since and am glad this forum has launched. Play on Stereo System Feb 2020.odt
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    There's also the overall economics that you have to consider. Could I devote all my spare time for years and come up with something better than a Vandersteen design? I doubt it. He has access to better drivers than I ever would. He has decades of experience. It would cost me probably 10X the price of a new pair of Vandersteen to come up with anything close. Plus, all that lost time. It makes far more sense to deal with experts for this. And Richard Vandersteen is an expert. I feel fortunate that he has chosen to make a business out of his passion and I can partake of it that way. I also considered this with regard to DACs. Could I design an as good or better DAC than an Ayre product? Maybe. Maybe not. It would take a man year of my time. Plus, the required design tools to properly build a suitable digital filter for use in an FPGA actually would cost more than an Ayre DAC. So, what's the point there? I find Ayre products to match my general idea of what sounds good, how a product is built, and how a company is run, so it makes perfect sense to purchase an Ayre DAC. Power filters, amps, and preamps and those things are more in my wheelhouse. My silly comments are distracting from Nutznboltz's system, which is inconsiderate on my part. So, I apologize to him and everybody else. Thank you again for your generous help.
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    I decided a long time back that I didn't have the skills to build nice wood cabinets, nor was I interested in devoting the space to set up a proper shop for the task. Besides, aside from some Celestion Ditton 66's I had way back, our loudspeakers have always been made in Hanford, CA. The man certainly knows his stuff in every sense. But, electronics fall into my background, so why not? I'm not a fan of traveling to or hanging out in stores with hopes of finding that something somebody else designed might fit our tastes, anyway.
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    I’m sure we met in passing. I have not had the opportunity to see Richard during his visits at Audio Connection but I have met him in the past.
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    Thanks for all the personal advice . It's good to hear this advice from the people that have been through the journey with the audio gear. I think CTSooner and Eric answered my follow up question........ Every time I research Treo's and Quatro's when an amp is mentioned ,the amp most often mentioned is Ayre. It's nice to know that there are other choices at different price points. With the initial cost of the Quatro's I probably will have to compromise on an amp initially. Great insight guys, lots to ponder and research.
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    All my Speakers are Vandersteen except the SVS subs for HT. I have owned Vandersteen Speakers since the late 80’s. I started my Vandersteen quest with a pair of 2Ci. Since then I upgraded to the 3A Sigs and never had the itch to upgrade. All of my Speakers have been purchased new from Audio Connection in Verona NJ, except for two pairs of VSMs.
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    Thank you. It’s a D06
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