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  1. In case folks haven’t heard these guys then I highly recommend listening to this album. Last time I saw them was a few years ago in NJ while visiting some relatives. This band had me hooked within the first couple of minutes after the start of their performance and it was just amazing to see that age and the musical instruments you play have no bearing on your ability to get crowds moving to the swing of your beat... it was certainly a memorable evening...
  2. Thiel's had one of the best drop dead gorgeous cabinetry that I had ever seen in speakers. Thank god they were out of my budget back in 1999 when I first got my 1Cs, since my wife wasn't too pleased at my purchase due to the cold black look and kept steering me towards speakers that stood out aesthetically.. I had a friend who used to have Meadowlark Kestrels and they were great for music that sounded good at average volumes. The minute you raised the volume, you could tell you were asking the wrong bird to hoot... I thought they went out of business, but it seems like they have moved out
  3. This is the kind of room that would keep me constantly preoccupied on how I can overcome the sonic challenges. In one of my prior homes that I have lived in, I used to hang a cork roll on the patio doors during extended listening sessions which surprisingly made a huge difference in the sound. Due to some vents in the ceiling and a ceiling fan, the roll would gently move depending on the intensity of the air flow. I discovered that the sonic signature was quite fluid(similar to curtains). https://www.amcork.com/collections/cork-underlayment Aesthetically the roll can be an eyesore and yo
  4. @bkeske thanks for bringing Diga Rhythm Band up... if you want to test the speed of the Vandy sub then Sweet Sixteen is certainly a great track...
  5. I have no idea when and where I got this book but I stumbled upon it while searching for something completely unrelated...judging from the dust in it, I reckon it must have been languishing for a while under the weight of more popular books.. in any case, it’s intended to provide a kind of an easter egg hunt with links and references and there is some method to the madness it deviously hides.. I tried to follow the instructions after a few tequilas and after the third instruction I was in complete despair since I couldn’t comprehend a thing... now I know why it was buried in the section m
  6. Thank god... for a moment I thought that was a deterrent to obnoxious guests from putting their drinks next to the turntable or even worse...speaking while you are in a listening session 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Yeah.. all my collection is on discs.. never experimented with vinyl....although it is on my bucket list once kids are out of the house...
  8. For folks with a palate for world music and how popular artists strive towards creating melodies from diverse instruments and sonic spectrums, I highly recommend this album.. Ry Cooder as usual is at his best....
  9. Steve, this is my all time favorite.. I am a huge Water Lily Acoustics fan..If you don’t have (or haven’t heard) then get your hands on Bourbon and Rosewater - Vishwa Mohan Bhatt/ Jerry Douglas. Another Water Lily Acoustics recording and an amazing performance by both artists.
  10. Great video to help appreciate the effort that goes into building these speakers. That crossover circuitry has more components per sq/ft than my mass produced A/V receiver....
  11. Beautiful...nice clean setup.. nothing like getting awesome sound AND aesthetics incorporated in a room...
  12. Joe, the thing with the Vandy subs is that you don't feel you need them until you have thrown them in the system and the next thing you know you can't go back to the original state. I used to drive my speakers through a McIntosh and a Nakamichi/Threshold years ago and that's when I purchased the sub. Since then it's been hard to consider running the 2CEs without it. It's like choosing between six cylinders or a turbo 4....
  13. @Huang adding to what Bob indicated, having used both DNA 0.5 and the DNA 1, it's certainly been challenging over the years getting the sub integrated. The experience has been consistent with both amps. Part of the problem is that placement of the main Vandy's is critical and then finding a spot for the sub becomes another logistical challenge. When you throw in the impedance related constraints, you will be juggling various factors to find a happy medium. I have tried many crossover values and there's always a band of frequencies (either at the high or low end) that seems to drop and you feel
  14. Wow @Huang you are on a roll.. Looking forward to hearing your experience with the TLC and DNA combo..
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