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  1. Just wondering who posted the photo of my grey 2ci sig II Tomstruck
  2. Rogue Audio will put in a high pass in their integrated and Aesthetix Mimas has that option too
  3. Pick up my new Aurender N10 from Audio Connection place it where my Oppo disc player was hook them both up in their new spots stated to setup the App and started to listen to some music for about 5 mins got to the part of setup to transfer my music from my external hard drive its going on 7 hrs to transfer 1/2 a terabyte had no idea it would take so long if I did I would of saved it to last Waiting to Enjoy the Music Tom
  4. Hi Steve I had John at Audio Connection originally tune my Quatos but sense then I have add amp ,preamp ,power cords and granite bases sounded great could not believe how good it sounded if somebody can tune Vandersteen's it John until I had Samir from Audio Connection tune them the eases way I can explain it before Samir tuned them I was getting about 75% of the performance out of my system which I didn't know until he tuned it now it sounds like I'm getting 100% unbelievably how much better it is you would think I add a new pair of speakers or a new component and its the cheapest upgrade
  5. I'm using Rocket 88 double biwire needed ten foot pair once I move I won't need the ten feet I can go up Audioquest line
  6. Can't go wrong with a pair of Quicksilver Mono 120
  7. Thank for posting that one Pete don't think I had seen it before
  8. Pete I check out the Memory Player but out of my ballpark sounds like your system is really come together
  9. Steve that is great world music album came out after Graceland my favorite percussions sound Take Five by Dave Brubeck to think he wrote it as a warm up number for his drummer he probably didn't know it would be one of his biggest hits
  10. I have two of theirs Arcanum and Red dust & Spanish lace
  11. Pete what streamer and DAC are you using
  12. Steve I feel the MoFi one-steps are worth it with blacker backgrounds and better dynamics my last one was Stevie Ray Vaughan can't stand the weather the Tin pan ally track is amazing
  13. Looks great Pete thanks for posting photos
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