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  1. Right, ThermalTrak Transistors. Meanwhile, I'm nothing but smiles about my ARC LS 27. :-)
  2. Interesting. Well, I liked my little Nakamichi Stasis receiver so much that I picked up the PA-7A II amp. I really like the way it sounds in the system. My plan was to get this to tide me over, and if I find a really great deal on something like an Ayre V-5xe, I might jump on it and keep the winner of a play-off between them. I also need to box my SD135 and send it out for repair. Too bad ARC can't do anything for me. There are a bajillion amps out there, so I've focused on the ones that stood out to me because of past personal experience or strong urging from trusted advisors. Para
  3. @GdnrBob When you suggested that Ayre might be higher performance at higher cost than Belles -- is that in general? Would you apply that specifically to Belles SA-100 vs Ayre V-5xe? Thanks.
  4. @ctsooner Oh, oh. Now you've done it. I have to put on my thinking cap! Thanks for the suggestion. This would mean replacing the LS 27 / <power amp here> with the integrated Ayre. Hmmmm.
  5. @ctsooner- Very nice! I have seen a used V-5xe at prices I think I can manage, but that's about the limit of my budget. I just looked at Art Dudley's review of your amp: "You are going to freak out." :-)
  6. You folks are great. I'm finding this very helpful! I still have the impulse to grab that Nakamichi, partly because I like what the little one is doing with piano and trumpet sounds, and probably partly because I drooled over that amp when I was a starving grad student. But the Ayre V-5xe seems the best bet in the long run. I actually first heard the Treos in a system with ARC LS 27 and Ayre V-5. Fantastic! At the time, I had ARC LS17 and D130, into Vandersteen 2Ce Signature. There was something about the sound in the system with the Treos that seemed so real, almost holographic.
  7. I'm looking now at ads for used Nakamichi PA-7A II, Belles SA-100, and (just missed) an Ayre V-5xe. What do you suppose would the pros / cons of these with Vandersteen Treos (and ARC LS 27 preamp)?
  8. stratocaster- You are kind. I am about 1000 mi North of you. Question: which McCormack do you have, and have you had Steve rebuild it? To the argument that Treos benefit from lots of energy storage placed as close as possible to the output devices, McCormack's DNA approach might be really smart. Looks like the PA7 you saw just sold (both of them).
  9. Thanks ctsooner! You mention "fully dual differential balanced amp". Is that an advantage for Ayre over Belles? Looks like the Belle amps don't have balanced connections. My ARC LS 27 line stage does...
  10. I realize that there are lots of opinions, and some people have an axe to grind. Others may be much more concerned with technical arguments than listening, and even folks who listen may be listening for other qualities than I do. That said, here is an analysis given to me of what it takes to drive the Treos well. It comes from someone whose technical competence I trust, but who might not have much experience with these speakers. Do you think his arguments make sense? If not, how would you counter them? Thanks! Looking at pics & measurements of the Treos, you've got two issues to
  11. Wow! Thanks for all the great tips. So far, the consensus seems to be that there are better alternatives at this price than the Nakamichi Stasis amps. Mentioned so far: McCormack, Ayre, Threshold, Pass Labs, Belles, Aesthetix. Of those, SS amps at about the price of the Nakamichi ($1300) seem limited to perhaps Belles, or possibly McCormack, if I could find one. I did find expired ads for Belles on hifishark in this range, and that gives me hope. The reviews seemed positive, and the review I found of the 150a Reference V2 was positively glowing. My tech made dismissive comments
  12. I'm looking for a no-fuss SS amp to replace my dead Audio Research SD135, between my Audio Research LS 27 line stage and Vandersteen Treo speakers. A Nakamichi PA-7A II caught my eye. My tech recommended it because it has a lot of energy storage with refinement. It's a Stasis design with zero global feedback and 132,000 uF. Unfortunately, this amp is rare enough that most opinions are not based on listening. I thought the PA-7A II might be a good bet because I'm really enjoying its little brother, a 75 wpc Nakamichi TA-3A Stasis receiver. In fact, I like it better than my old Au
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