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  1. It all depends on what you want guys. If you ever get a chance, just go and have listen in an environment that's been scientifically set up as a critical listening room. I myself am not going back to untreated listening rooms, at least not with speakers that go way down low like our large Steens do, since bass quality gets the most benefits.
  2. Always great to see quality DIY work, good job.
  3. I'm thinking of some new headphones for listening during the night, maybe Santa will manage to find a deal on Sennheiser HD800s 🎅 Also buying my dad his first DAC, one with Bluetooth 5.0. It might take some time to teach him the ropes since he's old and not the best with technical things, but I think he'll love the comfort of use and the huge amount of music he'll be able to play through his phone. Merry Xmas everyone ☃️
  4. 2CE Sig II used to be my main speakers and I also preferred to have them raised than tilted, however my ear height is 47". Don't be mad at Richard because of this, most people are average height and like to listen to music while almost laying in a sofa. And it's much easier for a customer to raise their speakers than it is to lower them 😃
  5. I haven't seen the M5-HPA in person yet, but in general when there is a desire to lower the resonating frequency of thinner metal material, an adhesive butyl layer is applied to the center of the area that could potentially ring. You'll usually find this in critical areas under the carpet of your car. I'd only be worried about it in case your preamps are exposed to a lot of vibration.
  6. I'll just quote Rutan's Audiogon post: "Hook your Volt Meter set to AC Volts up to the speaker wiresat the amp or speaker with the High passes start at 50 k.Play track 27 on repeat which is 1000hz and adjust your pre amps volume control to read as close to 1 Volt AC.Next go to track 30 which is 100 hz and if the meter reads .707 or as close as you can get your set. If not start from beginning on trk 27 adjust dip switch settings repeat various listed settings until you get there.JohnnyR" You can use any cheap multimeter or voltmeter you can get your hands on, hook one probe to the +
  7. I've never heard VLRs and do wonder how they sound like. Though I usually recommend active speakers to people looking for bookshelves, in that market practicality and adjustability mostly come before ultimate fidelity.
  8. I took the liberty of converting the pictures to .jpeg so that they're visible here. The gloss black makes them look like they're from outer space hehe.
  9. Wow Art, these fit in the room like a glove. Beautiful. How was the transition from 3A to Treo, do you miss any of the bass or does the improvement in mids and highs more than make up for it?
  10. After buying Quatro Woods this year I said I'll give it a shot and try one of Hansen's creations (RIP Charlie), so I bought a used Ayre V-5xe. The sound is so transparent that I had literal tears in my eyes after I heard it for the first time. It's run out of a DAC and thus have to deal with about 3 bit resolution loss due to digital volume control, but I'm using a 32-bit DAC so having no preamp sounds the best to my ears since I prefer uncolored sound. The only downside is that it has a bit more hum than I'd prefer.
  11. Nice setup. This must sound great with such a high ceiling. What kind of room treatment did you do, are those bass traps behind the amps?
  12. I just had to share this one with you guys, rarely do I see something like it. Now all we have to do is show Hugh the light when it comes to speakers and let him audition Model Seven haha. Someday I wish to find enough time and resources to build something in a similar direction, but I think I'll go the DIY route since I can't even imagine how much this professional build must've cost. https://youtu.be/eMLA5h0nh8s?t=10 Please post pics or video links of what your favorite listening rooms look like.
  13. I'm not one to tell others how to enjoy their setup, but think about what happens to the sound wave if you go that near side walls without using absorber panels on them. Of course it all depends on the placement options available, but having the first reflection points so near the drivers introduces a lot of distortion and thus negates the time-aligned design aspect of our speakers.
  14. I know most people dislike the (lack of) aesthetics when it comes to most acoustic panels and diffusers. However, if your budget permits, or if you're willing to DIY, things can be made quite pretty. Since the time of getting familiar with the basic science behind room acoustics after being advised by a studio engineer to look into it, I've always been a proponent of taking room treatment just as serious as choosing speakers and front end gear. Until I decided to do a thorough cleaning of my listening room a few days ago and for the time being removed all acoustic treatment from it. Of c
  15. Beautiful room, nicely done! I bet the whole place shakes if you want to, 3000 Watts of subs on top of 3As must be bonkers. Have you maybe considered adding bass traps in here?
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