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  1. I got a great deal on the Herron and it was an opportunity to improve my over all sound with a phono stage that does not use 12AU7s (which I seem to never like). Corey
  2. I have been experimenting between a complaint footer and a vibration draining one. I do have an HRS top plate on it as well. Until I got the Niagara every tube amp I tried would have a humming power supply transformer. Keep in mind its not loud on the Niagara and some people cant hear it unless they get real close.
  3. Its cool. Yeah I know Richard feels its diminishing returns for the 5s vs the 7s but if I end up going with a different amp then the Vandy M5-HPA say an ARC Ref 160S then I might want the better xover.
  4. I am not talking about the amp. Just the cross over modules. As for the amps it would work for the 5a Carbons as they cross at 100hz. Also the quatro ct pass at 100hz as well per the site.
  5. Its not a defect its physics. DC on your electrical will cause a transformer to hum. I have spoke with Garth in person about this. Its better in the 7000 then in the amp. Also I have added some isolation to the 7000 which has helped to quiet it down some too!
  6. I am referring to mechanical hum of the transformers, which you would not hear in the speakers. Like I said its faint and with any music you cant hear it or if the room is not dead quiet. Its the isolation transformer doing its job.
  7. I have the 7000 and I can confirm it buzzes a little with tubes. Its tolerable and it moves some mechanical hum from DC on my electrical to the 7000 but I can still here it without music and at the wrong time of the day.
  8. Thats not really what I am asking. I am asking about the cross overs not the amps (hp vs hpa).
  9. They are an absorber, diffuser, and resonator depending on the frequency and volume.
  10. Nice setup. Is the Denon AVR-3312 performing all of your preamp duties?
  11. Dont let their small size fool you. They are like little blackholes.
  12. I think a lot of people like GIK products. They are actually local to me. As for HRS I like their products but man they can get expensive quick.
  13. I am actually using the Stillpoints LPI as well. As for the Stillpoints Apertures I think they are pretty effective since they do dynamic absorption, and diffusion.
  14. Has anyone had any experience using the M7-HP with Vandersteen speakers other then the 7s? For example with the 5A, or Quartos and did you find any advantage to using the M7-HP? In other words does the M7-HP higher qualify parts provide any audio improvement over the M5-HP?
  15. I am currently using the Audio Research Ref 6, Rogue Zeus, PS Audio DirectStream DAC, Herron VTPH-2a, and a VPI HW40. This supported by a Audio Quest Nigara 7000, Audio Quest Cables, and Audio Quest Wind interconnect cables, Isoaccoustics Orea under the electronics, and a Symposium Foundation Ultra rack on the way.
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