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  1. That looks like heaven to me. Even the speakers have a halo. πŸ™‚
  2. If Johnny and Samir set your system you area all set.
  3. The Basics of Blending the SUB THREE(s) with the Quatros. (I have this information from talking with Richard Vandersteen about how he does it.) Start by setting the Sensitivity Setting on the SUB THREE(s) (85 dB as a starting point since you have Quatros) and adjust to the desired level listening to the standup bass recordings from track 13 and 14 of the supplied calibration disc. Once these are set to your liking in your room, proceed to the EQ calibration process. Now adjust the 11 band EQ on the SUB THREE(s) and on the Quatros to the β€œnoon” pos
  4. That was a fun journey. Keep this in mind when you think of us manufacturer reps who get 8 hours to set an entire system at a show and then have JVS, JA, and RH, sitting there ready to hear and judge it the next day. God bless Richard and his adjustable bass.
  5. Please post another photo when you have the answer. I would love to see it.
  6. That is so funny. We recommend sand from the beaches of Hawaii only. That is when we can travel again safely. πŸ™‚
  7. Thank you ctsooner and Steve Edwards for recommending the stands. These stands are specifically designed to provide the right level of tilt and to add mass coupling to the speaker. If you have them, don't forget to fill them to add weight and stop ringing. Below I have quoted one of Richard's recent answers concerning feet from the "Ask Richard" section on the website. https://www.vandersteen.com/support/ask-richard Richard, I've seen a lot of discussion about coupling vs decoupling, a lot of people suggest decoupling speakers especially on wood suspende
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