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  1. I had John ask Audioquest to replace the IEC connector so they would work with my Model 7 subwoofer amps. That's exactly what they did. I am sure they will make these for you.
  2. I have a dedicated listening room with 48 panels. A large portion of them are to control the bass. I had the entire room measured and configured by Jeff Hedback. To me, the most important panels are the bass traps and the diffusors at the point of first reflection on the side walls and ceiling.
  3. I upgraded the power cords for my M7-HPAs and it made a huge difference. I got a pair of Hurricanes from Johnny R at Audio Connection.
  4. What upgraded-from-stock power cords are people using with their Vandersteen subwoofers? The challenge is finding a cord whose IEC 15 connector fits within the subwoofer amp’s fins. Anything much larger than a stock IEC15 will not fit.
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