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  1. You will notice a big improvement. Enjoy!
  2. I am all AQ with two Niagara's in the system. I am pleased with their improvements.
  3. The Thunder is a great power cable. I use it to power my Niagara 5000. It is a beast.
  4. Pilrem, no there is only best Buy. I either have to go to the Twin Cities os make a road trip to Milwaukee. Jon is a terrific resource. I have the William Tell Bass and Zero cables with my Quatro CT's and it is a strong match. Richard made that same suggestion when I was still using a set of AQ Castle Rocks. Nice cables but the WT's are far superior. Better everything. All my cables are spade connectors. AQ has a perfect Vandy size too. Since my amps (PS Audio BHK 300 Monos) have two sets of speaker connectors I can biwire with spades on each terminal without a siamese setup. I was at the Kento event as well. What a house full! Always a treat to get some time with Richard. Eric
  5. Tosa is great. We used to live in West Allis. Great area.
  6. If you ever get to attend a Vandersteen demo at Ultra Fidelis, do so. They are so much fun. Great people and an evening with Richard is a treat.
  7. I am in the opposite corner of Wisconsin, near Duluth, MN. A short 380 mile drive to Ultra Fidelis. I used to get there for work regularly before I retired. I miss hanging out there.
  8. I have known Jon for years. It is the best hi end shop in Wisconsin. I bought a pair of Treo CT's from him. You are in excellent hands!
  9. Nothing humble there. That is a fine system. Congratulations. What cartridge are you using on the Prime Sig?
  10. Ultra Fidelis is my favorite dealer. Jon is terrific. Too bad I live so far. I don't get there very often.
  11. Wow, what an opportunity! Congrats on getting great gear for a bargain.
  12. They both do the job. Due to my setup I need both. My Turntable stack s separate from the main electronics stack.
  13. I have William Tells and a Niagara 5000 for the electronics and a 1000 for the Turntable setup. All Hurricanes for power. It is a huge upgrade.
  14. I am running all the flagship PS Audio electronics. I had the Treo's before and the Quatro's also pair beautifully with the PS Audio gear.
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