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  1. Whoa! Guess this makes me an adoptive parent.... yes, purchased from Alan. I live in Alabama. He and I are long time friends via his shop. Did I see your system with a set of 7’s? Wondering how those compare, although new prices are, well, challenging 😊.
  2. Yes, these are rosewood 5A’s. Still working on positioning in this new space.
  3. Chestnut Hill Audio! Brings back some memories from 1980 or so. Great audio store.
  4. Vintage Kenwood KD-550 and VPI Aries Black Knight with JMW 10.5 arm > Lyra Kleos SL
  5. Nice to see this forum. Here is my new listening room in the old house we just bought. Vandersteen 5A leading the way. More photos to come.
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