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  1. CT, what’s the verdict.?, I’ve only heard great things about those.
  2. I was using 2” granite slabs under my Quatro cloths. As far as improvements, I think for me, it corrected a listening angle issue. I got some new chairs, and never recalculated the rake angle. Bass was probable tightened up a bit, I know I heard less of it from downstairs. I recently got some Quatro CTs, and took them off the slabs for initial setup. I’ll be able to give a good comparison soon I used some of that drawer liner stuff to protect the floor. I’m also upstairs on hardwood floors. The cones actually made small divots in the granite ,so they were fairly stable.
  3. After few big changes, I'm now running: Aesthetix Rhea,Aesthetix Calypso, Quicksilver mono 120s, and Quatro CTs. Out front is a VPI Prime and a mac mini pushing Roon thru an Ayre Codex. Im very happy with this setup. Cheers!
  4. I use Wireworld and Cullen cables for power. great value for those of us on a budget!
  5. For those with powered subs, how close are you getting when you verify with a multimeter? I'm referring to the process of checking voltage on track 30 referenced to track 27 on the Vandertones disc. Ive never been able to get .707vac its usually closer to .8
  6. Sorry for falling off like that,friends. Its been a challenging few weeks with tragedy in our Family. But I'm back with a long overdue update. The audio planets lined up for me, and a one year old pair of Quatro CTs hit the local market. I couldnt pass these up! After much fussing with placement( these seem more particular with placement than my cloth version) and some minor room changes, I'm pretty darn close. Now its down to tube rolling to dial in the last bit. I had been going back and forth between an Aesthetix Atlas amp and a pair of Quicksilver mono 120s. I really wanted to stick with the Atlas, as I have a Calypso and Rhea on the front end. But after much A/B listening, my wife and I both prefer the Quickies. These are wonderful amps and a great value. I ended up soldering a cap on the input of each amp to accomplish my hi-pass. Its a simple and effective solution, that saved me money on a single ended M5HP. These speakers are awesome. Resolution is the big improvement here. Every little change I make, whether it be tubes, caps, or cables; is easily discernable. that being said,it does no favors for crappy digital recordings. Im very fortunate to have landed these, and at the encouragement of my wife! Thanks to all that replied to my first post. This is going to be a great place to hang out. Happy listening, Amigos!
  7. I do. I think they help in my room, which is upstairs. I ended up keeping the same tilt, after some experimentation. I may have been a bit off before. More likely, my newer chairs are a bit taller. The rake angle doesn’t change, just elevation
  8. I think it’s a pretty nice sounding disc. I got it cheap on Amazon, so wasn’t expecting much. Very happy with it.
  9. Aesthetix just works great, right?! I need to upgrade to Atlas monos.
  10. I’m a longtime Vandy fan. I was born in Hanford CA and my Dad went to school with RV. Still runs into him from time to time. Got the bug when I moved to the Seattle area. Started with 2ci’s and moved up the line. Saving for Quatro CT’s someday soon!
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