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  1. Concur. I just had my M5-HPs for my Quatros done. While they are outboard, and far more accessible, I felt more confident having them done in Hanford.
  2. Welcome to the group Leo! Thank you for sharing your experiences; have heard some good things about Rogue Electronics. When convenient, please post a picture of your system / set up
  3. Yes, that is an ironic bit of trivia regarding Time Out. I was late to the party discovering the record. When I finally did decide to own it, Analogue Productions released their double 45rpm version; a wonderful, must own record.
  4. then you're going to love this record. Paul Simon's affection for world music finds him reflecting on Brazilian influences in his 1990 release. A cornucopia of musical instruments, the more revealing your system, the more of them you will hear. Just look at the credits list!
  5. That's great to hear Jim. My impression of Keith was also positive; seems like RV, passionate about what he is doing. Oh yeah, Dan has offered numerous times to bring over his Herron ............ guess I'm afraid I'd like it too much :) Someday, I may move up the ARC line; maybe a used LS27. Then, I would need a phono pre. But, I'm pretty content with the components in my system now. Only serious upgrade considerations are cabling. Speaker first, then maybe a few power cords; all Audioquest. Thanks for the reply! Play on
  6. Jim, I've got a friend (Dan) who is a Herron dealer and real big on their line. He has been trying to talk me into the phono stage for some time. As I have a good phono stage in my AR SP17, I have not felt that move necessary .......... yet. At T.H.E. Show a few years ago, Dan was helping out in the Herron room and I got to meet and spend some time with Keith. I assume your impressions of the Herron Phono Stage are positive. What, if anything, did it replace? Which version do you have? It is my understanding that all previous models cannot be upgraded to the current one, it's th
  7. Tomstruck, I have the Analogue Productions, double 45 version of Couldn't Stand the Weather. Though I wouldn't want to spend the funds on it, I would enjoy comparing the One Step to it. I wouldn't describe AP's version as "black backgrounds", though it is pretty darn quiet. We're experiencing more Santa Ana winds here in South Orange County, so I think the only noise I heard yesterday when I played it was static induced. Yes, Tin Pan Alley (AKA Roughest Place In Town) is a bonified demo track for sure!
  8. Red Dust & Spanish Lace was my introduction to them ........... fun music
  9. but I enjoy the sound of this band and the recording quality. Was lucky enough to see them (before founding member Nick Webb's passing in 1998) at a small, intimate venue in Newport Beach. Some real nice steel and nylon string acoustic guitar work. The song "Casino" will get yer toes a tappin
  10. Peter, I know your physical condition contributes to your analogue hesitation and I understand that. But, if you do decide that on those good days, when you're feeling a little more mobile, that spinning an Intervention title would be the cats' meow, you know Mr Rutan will steer you in the right direction. Have you discussed brands with him? I've been happy with my Linn for almost 30 years; but, if I ever could manage a change, I absolutely LOVE the look (and supposedly the sound) of the VPI 40th Anniversary Direct Drive. Simplicity in its finest form. 'Course, they're not giving 'em away
  11. Joe, I'm considering upgrading the power cords on my SS mono amps. What brand / model of cords did your ESP's replace?
  12. Jim, IMHO, the mating of the finish you chose with the cloth grills is sweet. And as others have said, really cool nook for your components. Just curious, what speaker cables are you using?
  13. I am still interested in these Mofi Ultra One-Steps. If anyone would care to chime in, I'd like to hear your comparisons of regular releases to the One-Step version. It's all relative, but for me, there needs to be a significant level of improvement to justify the cost. Play on
  14. Yes, gentle vacuum with a soft brush works fine for me. I'm a bit cautious about a lint roller possibly leaving some adhesive residue; but, I'm a bit cautious about too many things :(
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