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  1. ESP is Essential Sound Products. I have come to the conclusion that the audiophile cords I have been using over the years have been robbing the system of something and the ESP let’s it all in and then out,
  2. Been using the Schiit Yggy for years. Love it. The Unison USB input is superb and beats all of the other inputs. I also swapped out all audiophile company power cords and went with pro audio stuff from ESP. I was so impressed with the results that I did a formal review. It is like hearing what the 3A Sigs are capable of for the very first time.
  3. Impex does a great job with all of their stuff. Their CDs are great. Abey Fonn and her staff are too notch.
  4. Let’s us know what you think after you have run it in for a week or so.
  5. The complete system. I do not believe that the Plitron transformer is made any longer as it was discontinued by the manufacturer, perhaps Steve has some in reserve though,
  6. Hello Huang, have you received the updated DNA-1? I hope it has the gravity base system. I did a piece about the updating process which is linked on the SMc website. Love it with my 3A signatures.
  7. I don’t really ask questions like that and am always polite when asked what I think of their system. I will make suggestions though about set up and improving the sound of the room. Room issues are usually the issue anyway as there is plenty of good sounding gear out there.
  8. I agree, whatever floats your boat. But I have had people tell me why did you go with Vandersteen when you could have had Wilsons. Then I tell them.
  9. I asked Richard awhile back about the spikes/Footers for the Model 3A Signatures and he advised me that what he supplied with the speakers was the best option. I asked after reading about the Pitch Perfect Speaker feet that just came out which are way more expensive than these isoacoustics which aren’t cheap either, my speakers sit on a carpeted floor on the fourth floor of the house . If they had a 30 day return policy maybe, will have to check. As for MF, I have heard Wilson’s set up properly in homes. No thank you. Inverted polarity in the midrange. Not for me.
  10. I think CJ shut down the McCormack Company and line a few years ago. I do not think they service the line anymore. Steve started a new company SMc Audio in Vista CA a few years after the sale. This company does any updates for McCormack gear, pre and post CJ,, at least the models posted on his website. My DNA 1 was from the early 90’s. I had a full gold level upgrade done a year ago, before the gravity base thing was offered. They called me early in the year to offer it to me at a greatly reduced price but with Covid, I needed the amp. I sent it in last month as with all the storms this time of the year and the heat in my room, I wouldn’t be listening much anyway. The first update was excellent but the gravity base and the new rectifier and some ever newer caps upgrade is unreal. What a great sounding amp.
  11. Using a McCormack DNA1 to drive my 3A Signatures. Just updated by Steve and Pat at SMc Audio to the full gravity base system upgrade. Steve has these speakers and this amp drives them beautifully.
  12. It is all about the bass. Can’t give that up. These babies put me right back into the jazz clubs where I have spent too much time over the years. I have been driving them with a McCormack DNA-1 which I have upgraded to GT 20 status with the phenomenal Gravity base. Working on an article at AudiophileStyle.com on it. DAC is the Schiit Yggy 2 with Unison USB. Mr. Moffat understands bass too as well timing. It is funny when audiophiles come in here and can’t believe what these speakers are capable of. Perfect tone, pace, drive, open and detail without the brightness that passes for detail with far too many high end speakers these days.
  13. I have been an owner of these speakers for what seems like forever. I purchased the pair new as 3A’s shortly after they were released from The old Chestnut Hill Audio in Philly. I upgraded them to Signature status in 1997 and they have been providing me with total musical enjoyment ever since. I know Steve McCormack used them for years to evaluate his designs and still owns a pair. Who am I to argue with Steve? These speakers have great tone, rhythm, bass and depth. Sure they are now old in the tooth but I rarely ever hear other systems and think it is time to upgrade my speakers. In fact, several audiophile friends in visiting my room to listen have told me that whatever I do, do not get rid of these speakers. They are an awaesome value.
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