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  1. I Love Joni, and all her music. Miles of Aisles is a wonderful live recording. Sooooo many great ones though.
  2. Hi John, There is a deluxe edition, three CDs, see attached, its as I originally stated, and well-worth the effort to locate it! Its the 5th song on the first disc.
  3. Tell Tale Signs contains, what is for me, one the very best songs this man ever wrote and performed: Red River Shore. Stunning in its beauty, and he chose to not release it at the time it was recorded! This set also contains so very many wonderful versions of another great song, Mississippi. Oh my, do I love these recordings.
  4. Thank you! I, too, admire and appreciate this artist, and have these recordings, and like you think they are great!
  5. I obtained both earlier this year, was running a wonderful Luxman integrated on the 5A system (509U I think, its in the basement, would have to get up and check). Then I heard/read that Roger M had died, was just shattered, subsequently discovered/became aware that he made just 20 units of the RM9SE, and there were 3 or 4 still available, so at that point I jumped in an obtained one of the last ones ever made. Then was running the pre out on the Luxman, that was nice, but decided to see about a MR pre, and there was one still unsold, so I jumped on it. No regrets here. None.
  6. I am using a Music. Reference RM9SE amp to drive my 5A loudspeakers. Along with a Music Reference pre.
  7. I initially powered my 5As with a Rogue Magnum 99 preamp and Classe DR8 amps in mono. Then moved to a beautiful and wonderful sounding Luxman integrated, 110/channel, in the interest of simplifying (I gave the Rogue pre to one of my nephews, and sent the Classe amps, along with a DR5 pre, to a great friend in Indiana). I now have a Music Reference tubed pre, an RM5, and a wonderful tubed amp, the Music Reference RM9, SE. I bought these Music Reference pieces after I read that their developer, the Great Roger M, had died. I was so sad to read that, and discovered that he made 20 of the RM9SE pieces, and there were a few remaining, so I jumped at that. I followed it with the RM5 pre. I love the system, and the loudspeakers. I posted a few photos today on the site.
  8. I am having difficulty loading a photo.
  9. My 5A system. Beautiful loudspeakers, Music Reference Preamp, Music Reference RM9SE amp. Lux SACD player, MoFi Ultradeck. Pure beauty for me.
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