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  1. System is sounding great! Thank you! Purchasing my first Vandersteen Speakers back in the 80s was one of the best decisions I made in my home theater. As Richard said if the speakers sound good for music they will sound good for movies.
  2. I’m sure we met in passing. I have not had the opportunity to see Richard during his visits at Audio Connection but I have met him in the past.
  3. I remember speaking to Richard in the early 90s and asking him if a center speaker for home theater application would be developed to match up with my 2CI. He said there was a possibility but unsure at the moment. He then was kind enough to explain the importance of developing a good center channel and how a coaxial design like a car speaker makes a lot of sense for a center channel. I believe a year later the VCC1 and the VSMs were released.
  4. Thank you! I never felt the need for bass traps. The movies really benefit from the SVS subs. I never use the subs for my stereo listening. The 3As are sufficient in the lower range in my room.
  5. All my Speakers are Vandersteen except the SVS subs for HT. I have owned Vandersteen Speakers since the late 80’s. I started my Vandersteen quest with a pair of 2Ci. Since then I upgraded to the 3A Sigs and never had the itch to upgrade. All of my Speakers have been purchased new from Audio Connection in Verona NJ, except for two pairs of VSMs.
  6. Vandersteen Audio 3A Signatures Front Left and Right Vandersteen VCC 5 Center Vandersteen VSM for Sides,Rears,Top Middle and Top Fronts. Ayre K5 MP Stereo Pre Amp Ayre 2ch V5xe Amp LR-Front Clearaudio Concept Turntable Shitt Mani Phono Pre amp Oppo-UDP-205 Enlighten Audio Design DSP-100 HDCD Marantz AV8802 -7.1.4 Atmos Audyssey XT32 Rotel RB-1070 2ch Amp (Atmos) Top Front Rotel RMB-1095 5ch Amplifier Side & Back Rotel RB-933 3ch Amp (Atmos) Top Back Dual SVS PB16 Ultras Subwoofers DIY-Window Acoustic Panels VTI Audio Racks
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