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  1. Do you still have the 2Ws? It would be interesting to see what a swarm of the 4 subs would graph at.
  2. As I was setting up my subs, I referenced the Audio Perfectionist Journals which are now on the Vandersteen site. I forget which journal # it is, but Richard Hardesty goes into great depth on how he sets up/positions subs. They can be found at http://www.vandersteen.com/audio-perfectionist-journal. They are really fun to read if you haven't seen them!
  3. Awesome! The subwoofer addition will be amazing in there.
  4. Hi Tom, I'm running a Aesthetix set up like you and did a similar search for a streamer a few years ago researching the Aurender units. After reading a lot of reviews, I ended up going with a Sotm SMS-200 (similar to the Sonore Rendu), with a LPS-1 battery supply. This was based mostly on a lot of reading on head-fi.org where some of the members did extensive tests with multiple units and this came out ahead of the competition (other sites as well). I use the base model, not the Ultra model. The new Aurender looks great and I'm sure sounds wonderful. It seems to have some bells and
  5. Hard to say better than the original, but for Bob Marley fans, Ceu’s rendition of Concrete Jungle is spectacular (on her self titled album). The track has great presence and strong bass. I was fortunate to see this talented Brazilian singer in a local jazz club.
  6. Glad you figured it out. What a cool room. It must be a blast to watch movies with that huge screen!
  7. The Ayre V-5xe is a popular and well established match under $3k. I do not have experience with it, but imagine you would likely be very happy with it. The only negative I found on it when researching amps is that it may be a little light in bass impact. You may enjoy searching Audiogon forum posts by member Bigtee. He compared this Ayre with a number of different amps. I saw that SA-100 also. It is still listed on us audio mart for sale.
  8. Davi, I owned a Nakamichi PA-5A II (and matching preamp) that I ran with 1Bs and 2ce. I know it’s not the same as the more powerful 7A, but likely is similar. I would pass based on my experience, the age, and how far amps have come. After researching good matches - Ayre, McCormack DNA, etc., I picked up a Belles 150a. It was good for the price (around $500) Have since moved through 3a sigs and own quatros. My big amp “Ah Ha” moment was when I put a Belles 150a Reference V2 (around $1,400 used) in my system. I’d say it has a lot of the impact and presence that I get from my current amp, an Aest
  9. Congratulations on your new Vandersteens! I owned and enjoyed the 2ce for many years. Your speakers are designed to be used with a custom metal base which has 3 holes facing the floor - 2 in front, 1 in back. If you haven’t downloaded the manual, you can do so and learn about tilting the speakers correctly using the base. There is another post in the forum where a member was using aftermarket footers and preferred the Vandersteen recommended setup. You may find that post helpful.
  10. What a cool personal (or at least local) connection you have with John McLaughlin. I enjoyed playing the album at my office on cheap computer speakers, and again later at home on the Quatros. I'll definitely enjoy checking out more of his music!
  11. BKDad, I’m really enjoying Friday Night In San Francisco - Di Meola, McLaughlin, & DeLuca - thanks for the recommendation!
  12. The whole album is solid, including the trippiest version of Take 5 I have heard. It’s fun!
  13. It’s on Tidal - search “Desmond live”
  14. I’ll look forward to checking out some of these suggestions! For feeling like you are there with the performers, this is one of my favorites. There is a lot of ambiance - faint noises from table service and audience, and great “texture” from the recording. It is easy to turn the lights off, relax, and imagine you are at the jazz club with them. I’d love to find more like this!
  15. Glad they worked for you! I have not found an easier/more secure way to move the speakers with spikes/cones installed.
  16. Sorry, we are referring to the puck that protects the floor from the spikes. I think we’re all talking about the same thing.
  17. Shoes or cones, we are talking about the same thing. Richard commented that his spike cones should sound better. Part of the idea is you don’t want them to slide at all once placed. I think the Herbies options indicate how much weight they hold in the specs, but I would probably go with the larger ones. The smaller ones are stable when sliding my quatros.
  18. CyC, another idea would be to use a set of Herbies cone/spike decoupling gliders when moving the speakers. https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/loudspeaker-rack-decoupling-and-isolation/products/cone-spike-decoupling-glider I have a set of these that I used before getting the Vandersteen spike shoes. They are easier to move the speakers on than the Vandersteen shoes. Before moving the speakers, swap the Vandersteen and Herbies shoes. Once in place, put the Vandersteen shoes back under the spikes.
  19. CYC- if you list the amp you are using (& which crossover you use - rca or xlr), someone may know the correct settings.
  20. BKdad, love it! I think you definitely have a back up career option as a reviewer.
  21. They need to be changed every 7 or 10 years depending on the batteries used.
  22. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been hesitant to try them tight in corners per the manual’s instructions to avoid getting too close on odd line placement between the room dimension’s front to back and side to side measurements. It’s good to know that it is worth trying. I’m sure the bass adjustments make the typical placement guidelines more flexible. What are your hesitancies with your current placement?
  23. Ctsooner, do you know the distance of your quatros from the front and side walls? I know all rooms are different, but I’m curious where others have settled.
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