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  1. This higher distortion indicates a defective mid-range which needs to be rebuilt. Usually a sign of a damaged voice coil but a lot can happen in 15 years. Distortion this high would never get through QC as every pair goes through the chamber. RV
  2. No need to send them in as you have run them and all is well. There is a protocol for bring up the voltage slowly with a variac to reform the capacitors in the power supply if they have been discharged for years. Too late for your amps. RV
  3. Hello All, I read this with great interest as I have been at this for 45 years now. It is important to understand that this hobbie has always been for few people! The definition of Specialy anything "Is Few People Care" enough to spend the time, money and energy on any passion. This is true with cars, cameras, wine, furniture, etc. because for most people it is easily "Good Enough". There are less dealers today because the cost of doing business has gone up logarithmically especialy rent. Audio enthusiasts can get in contact with each other to trade and sell gear on the internet a
  4. Hello, The confusion may be because we use the same basic scheme for many different products. The SEVEN (100Hz) , 5 (100Hz) , Quatro (100Hz) and new KENTO (200Hz) series speakers need the high-pass to be on the money for reliability and best sound. The SUB NINE, SUB THREE, 2Wq and 2W use 80-100Hz but there is much flexibility as the owners manual (the SUB THREE manual is not finished but is a combination of the 2Wq and Quatro set up) recommends trying input impedances that are one or two below, on the money and one up for best sound. The SUB THREE is OK with your X-2 because the ampl
  5. Hello Ross, No one that I know make a longer spike with 3/8 X 16 threads with a point. Any large hardware store would have 3/8 X 16 couplers which you could use to make your spikes longer if you are handy with tools. I had forgoten we ever made this rear bracket as that goes back 20 years!
  6. We have always chosen our pigtail cables used on the High-Pass filters by doing straight-wire-bypass tests. The idea is to find a wire without color and as neutral as possible. Wires are often chosen for their color and character to tune ones system and I wanted to select a cable that will simply pass those characteristics on without change. I believe using the same cable or similar to what we have chosen will result in a neutral sounding system but I have traveled the world and heard my speakers owned by people that love them sound very different. I believe this is a tribute to thier ne
  7. The M7-HPB crossover is definitely better than the M5-HPB because it uses the most transparent Teflon caps available and are biased with 12 volt of lithium batteries. We now make a version of the M5-HPB for the KENTO's which has the Teflon Caps and the lithium batteries inside for $600 Retail more which closes the gap to about 85% of the M7-HPB. Old M5-HPB's are not upgradable. One would want to know what their future plans are because the best combo for the Quatro or KENTO would be the M5-HPA mono block amplifiers which includes the equivalent of the M7-HPB Teflon caps internally and only
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