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  1. Great dynamics, covers from the bottom end to the top
  2. I'm using StraightWire. I really like them but I can't say I have tried too many other brands or models
  3. I remember my daughter, at least ten years ago when I bought he a CD. She loved it, she opened the package, promptly ripped the CD into her computer, transferred to her phone, and threw out the CD as it was just part of the packaging
  4. Really give the subwoofers a workout. Solid sub 30hz bass notes Here is a Youtube version, but certainly better quality ways to listen
  5. Started off in 1999 with a pair of model 2Ce speakers that had been upgraded to Signatures by a previous owner. Something else interesting is Richard was visiting Audio Center in Deerfield Beach Florida and the owner of these speakers wanted the model 3 but the dealer was not offering an acceptable value in trade. After a little discussion in the parking lot I purchased the 2Ce set and the seller bought the Model 3, everyone was happy. Anyway, years later as things started moving to home theater, I found some LFE content could over drive the woofers in the Vandersteens. So I added a s
  6. I am using a Parasound HCA=855a 5 channels to power a pair of 2Ce Signatures. 2 channels each speaker. Been running this way since 1999.
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