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  1. Johnny Rutan put them right in the corners. 8” from each wall in the corner. Not totally sold on it, but no suck out in the middle and it throws a large large stage.
  2. Thanks for your post and I'm so sorry for the tragedy. the system looks great. As you can hear already, these are a different animal. It's crazy how much tech he's put into these things. Happy listening. Share your new music that you are loving.
  3. It isn't quite bespoke. I'm the guinea pig for their designs. It's by far the best server/streamer I've ever heard. My buddy reviews for TAS adn he had the Taiko and others in. He still owns what I have. I have ht eDAC, he doesn't. The DAC will be very good as the last one was outstanding. I am trying to get them to spend the extra few $$$ to take the DAC into the 20k+ range. It's not that far off.
  4. I had the QX5/20, but sold it as I have a server/streamer that has a DAC. They are rebuilding and designing it right now, but I have no idea how it's going to sound. If I don't like it, I'll just get a new DAC.
  5. Well put. Fully appreciate what you are saying.
  6. That's very funny and I did just chuckle a bit. Very cool that you are a DIY'r. I used to play with speakers tens of years ago, but found out that I am better at purchasing and enjoying, lol..
  7. Always personal taste. Totally agree. It may work as well or better. I'm just one of those who goes with what the designer does etc... It's also the reason I'm getting the HP5's and will sell my Ayre AX5/20 with integral crossover at 100hz. I also am not a tube roller (I always owned tubes until recently. My server/streamer has a tube that we have changed over time though). :). Zavarella Granite and Marble, Ask for Molly. ‭(860) 667-7711‬ is their number. Feel free to tell her that Pete sent you and remind her what she made for me.
  8. BK, where do you live? I"m in Berlin. I spoke with Richard at length the other day about the footers. All I can say is that you should use the Vandy spike shoes. I asked about other cups etc, but what we are trying to achieve is for the speaker to NOT move.Keep it simple. If you want to speak on the phone about this, let me know.
  9. We can keep it here with no problems. I'll ask, but the granite is just to spread and dissipate the sound vibrations so the speaker doesn't physically move. I don't see how the granite would move and scratch the floor though. It's polished and won't move. That's the whole idea. I'll ask if you can get felt or something that would take up the whole underside.
  10. Ok. I spoke with Richard about this situation earlier today. He was so kind to spend the time to answer. IF you decide to do this, you should do what I did and get two 1.5" pieces and have them glue them together with a rubberized glue (or whatever they call it). Then buy a set of the special footer cups to receive the spikes on the Quatro/Treo's. They have special felt pads on the bottom and it won't mar the stone. Just place the stone on the carpet or wood floor. Granite is bright sounding, but using it this way, it's only to spread out the vibrations and prevent movement of the speaker as wood moves a lot. It makes so much sense to do it this way. It's also a great way to be able to 'move' your speakers into place once they are dialed in most of the way. He told me to look at the set up instructions and deduct 3" to see how many spacers I need for the tilt per the instructions. 1. get your dealer to sell you those spike cups (forget the name of them, but it's Vandercups or something like that, lol) 2. make sure you looked at set up instructions to ge the correct washers for the speakers. Then you must share how they sound. :)
  11. Richard told me to get a 3" set. I have spoken to a few friends who I told to do the same and they LOVE them. Said that is cleaned p the bass even more. They said it was transformative and by cleaning the bass, it cleaned up everything all the way to the top.
  12. Who's this one for? If it's me, I've been using the Quatro's for over a year or two now. LOVE them. I listen to a lot of gear and I put my Quatro's up against anyone's 30k speakers. We all hear differently, but to my ears, My Quatro's have more micro and macro detail than the Wilson Alexa's and are so much more coherent than the 30k Magico's. Heck, I put my money where my mouth is as I could easy have gotten the others if I felt they were better. JMHO It's why I'm going to get Richards amps this fall. They scale and are worth the attention of an amp that should be selling for 30k themselves. Again I've heard all these combinations and feel that they are just great values for high end audio.
  13. As I said, I'm selling my AX5/20 with built in crossover as soon as my amps from Richard are ready (hopefully this fall). Feel free to reach out ;).
  14. Nelson, have I ever met you at Johnny's? I usually get down there when Richard shows up. He's become a good friend.
  15. cool. I'm not as familiar with the 3 set up. I know that the stand for the 2's sits underneath also. What a clean look. I assumed you had it set properly since everything else is so beautiful. Thank so much for the education. Are those sold by V or aftermarket?
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