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  1. Everyone one I know has switch and said it sounds much better. I have a feeling that I'll be switching. All I need is a single membership without downloads. I have a feeling I will do the free month trial and see how I like it. I am sure I'll be keeping it as long as it has enough of the 70=80-90 rock that I also like. As soon as I get my AK DAP back I'll dow the trial. Thanks guys.
  2. I already own 2T and can get more whenever I want. All high res. Lot's of 32/various sample rates. Also some DSD, so I don't need to download. I'm using an AK DAP for travel. Let me check them out and see. I dont' need both. Sounds like Qbuz jsut sounds better and that's what I want.
  3. Ebony is a great choice They get some stunning veneers. If I had done wood instead of auto paint, I would have chosen my own veneers and brought it out and watched them do the work. I have a great place in the Berkshires who make some of the best veneers you can find. All sustainable too. I know Richard gets theirs from another great source and it shows
  4. Not sure I understand the question. 86 Db is the speakers sensitivity. Many run lower powered amps and love the sound. It depends on the current the amp provides as well as the room end how loudly you listen.
  5. I may need to switch to quboz from today. I have so much tidal downloaded though lol. I also only pay 9.99 mo woth military discount
  6. Great question. I have been running them with the Ayre AX5/20. Just sold that yesterday as I've been running Vandersteen M5's for a few months now. I had them install a great internal crossover, but if you have a pre out, just use the crossover and you are all set. Very simple and some great integrated's you can use. If you can afford the M5's, they are MORE than worth it. To my ear, they are sounding better than the 30k ARC's, which have been one of my favorite amps with Quatro's on up.
  7. I forgot Richard sold those. My bad. I'd want gold plated rather than copper anyways. Perfect fix. Love this community.
  8. You can also go to an electronics connector site and purchase the ring connectors. I know MANY who use those and they work great. Even easier than spades. They come in so many sizes Here are a set of copper that I'd try. You would need to keep them clean, but they would give a near air tight connection with the gold plated brass screws that the 2's come with . let us know what you decide to do
  9. Bob, that's interesting. I I'm anything but pitch perfect, but I can't listen to a speaker that isn't pretty much pitch perfect. It's one reason I have difficulty at times with IEMs and much of personal audio that's colored. There are some products there that I can enjoy regularly when out and about or when I can't have the main's on.
  10. Audioquest makes the perfect sized connectors. You can also look for the ring connectors if you want. I'd get mine from Audioquest personally, but you can find them. Edit: I posted this at the exact same time BK shared his info. As he said, AQ sells them in two versions.
  11. Actually the majority of folks on this board do care. I love reading about or talking about things are aren't what I'm thinking about or feel differently about.
  12. I bet it would be. better to spend elsewhere once you get something you already love and it plays well with the rest of the system.
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