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  1. Congrats on the speakers arriving today. Please share pics on the pic thread. Stop overthinking. What you will gain in music/magic is well worth it. The Rogue and the McCormick will have plenty of power to run them. They are such an easy load. What is your budget? What is your total system made up of? it's got to be a system approach.
  2. I knew it. I just saw him in Oct. Great guy. When to college in Amherst, MA. We had a bunch of folks in common. I assume he's closing the shop totally as he didn't have a buyer as of a few months ago. Sad to see the store go. Small, but a good shop.
  3. I use Audiomart exclusively at this point and have found some very good buyers. I'm actually looking at the Niagara 3000 to replace my 1000. I am running Richards M5's into the dedicated outlet (AQ Edison) rather than the Niagara as it only has one plug for high current. glad they made things right for you.
  4. I remember someone getting in touch with me on an AG DM about this set up. I owned a passive he made years ago and have had some of his gear in over the years. Great stuff. Why sell the Rogue when it's a really good amp. What pre are you using? That's a much more important piece to get right than the amp as long as the amp doesn't have much feedback in it's design. JMHO
  5. There probably is a machine shop near you that could just easily make one for you. May not cost that much for a single spike.
  6. How awesome. What will your system consist of? Treo's or Quatro's?
  7. Thanks for popping in Richard. Funny how you forget about the beginning. I bet it was very cool seeing that pic. If you want to make the tilt more forward, wouldn't you be able to put a tile or even a block of wood at the right hight under the spike?
  8. Yes it is! Congrats. I am so glad to hear that they made it right. Can't wait to hear how it sounds. Please share ...
  9. I used to buy from Bruce in the 80’s when I was stationed there. Met Richard there with the 2’s Just amazing sound with the CJ amp and CJ pre amp if I recall. Also a top Sota table with vacuum hold down
  10. That's really sad. I don't fully understand though. Didn't they offer to email you the label? I've dealt with lot's of returns of goods over the years and they always want to get it in house before crediting you. Typically it will take three days at the worst for them to get it in house. (blenders, ice cream maker, automatic tea kettle among other items). If they said they would only MAIL (snail mail) you the label, then that's totally different and strange since they are a mail order place and have special prices in place to get returns back quickly and electronically if you would. As for shipping in original packaging, ..... ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? What they heck are they thinking????? That's just stupid on their part. I understand that many don't live close to a shop and want to use Amazon or an online store, but this is far from the worst story I've heard about some of these companies. In the future, if you need gear, maybe you could look up the closest Vandy dealer to you and purchase from them as they will ship as long as you aren't in someone else's territory for what you are looking for. 80% of the Vandy dealers sell Rega. Just another option if you have any issues going forward or just want to give a brick and mortar shop the business. Just sorry to hear what happened. Hope you get it straightened out quickly and can get back to music.
  11. very interesting. NOTHING will be allowed on my ceiling though, lol...WAF ;). I don't think I have a major issue with that though. My old house wasn't kind and I DID have a diffuser where it was needed.
  12. I just asked Brad if he could come and give you an idea or two.
  13. Congrats. What a great time Huang. YES they will benefit in the same way all of Richard's speakers will. I use a 3" slab that was glued together (2 1.5" pieces) with a typical polymer type of glue that may even be better than a solid block, but I don't think anyone will do a blind listening test to prove it, LOL...(sorry, had to go there for a smile). Pics when you have them
  14. Not yet. I'm hoping this week. They didn't realize they needed a motorized QUAD volume control as I run fully balanced. He thought he could do single ended and I said no. We hope it comes in sometime this week. Teh rest of the unit is ready to go. They just got a special tube for the DAC portion late last week and he's been burning it in for me since so only the volume control will need burning in, which shouldn't be that bad. Really missing my music though. It's great that they keep making major upgrades, including hardware, but I hate being without the unit for weeks. Teh next hardware upgrade will be in a few months. They are making it a two box unit that will be milled out of solid blocks. I can't wait to hear that upgrade as they are huge on cleaning up the power when it comes into the unit etc... They have many separate LPS's in to run the different parts of the unit as it's a three in one. Teh best part is that th DAC and server are hard wired and on top of each other with uber short runs of wire. Same with the volume. We also did Supercap upgrades and naked Vishay resistors which make a huge difference as you all know.
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