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  1. I'm still waiting on a couple of Blizzard power cords, and asked AQ what was going on.
  2. Track 5, there, titled "Heather," is a favorite of mine.
  3. Anybody know a safe/effective/easy way to get dust off of here?
  4. Beautiful. Sapele is from Africa, right? Love the rowed grain, like mahogany. Is it hard to get a smooth finish?
  5. The floors are from old industrial buildings, or maybe boxcars, I'm not sure. My wife (who designed the house) found them through a dealer. When the wood was delivered it looked like a pile of kindling or rubble. The installer put it down and then sanded it enough to give the highlighted effect you see in the pics. Then it was oiled. The whole second floor (except bathrooms) was done this way and it does give a nice rustic feeling.
  6. Those who enjoy old-school stride piano (as I do) will also like Art Hodes, a lot or maybe all of whose stuff is on Tidal. The way these guys (Fats Waller is the best known) can play a metronomically steady rhythm with the left hand while improvising with the right is a constant delight to me. This record in CD form was my "gateway drug;" now I'm constantly in search of more vinyl.
  7. Picked up an Audioquest Niagara 3000 on Audiogon. Looks good, sounds good.
  8. Just discovered this jazz pianist through Tidal, where a whole lot of her albums are available. I'd never heard of her but now am really, really enjoying her lyrical style and good taste, plus her own compositions. "Heather" on "Live at Yoshi's, Vol I" is a good place to start.
  9. All's well that ends well. The replacement unit arrived Friday, double-boxed. The Rega box inside had never been opened, unlike the previous one. The packing slip asked me to mail the defective piece back Fedex overnight. "At my expense?" I thought. Then yesterday the Fedex label arrived in an envelope, and I dropped the whole thing off at Fedex that afternoon. Yes they could have put the label in the box....But I'm a happy camper now. The new TT-PSU let me tweak the turntable speed to exactly 33.3 RPM as measured by a phone app, and in truth some records that exhibited a bit of wow and f
  10. Happy to say that Audio Advisor has made this right. Here's email I just received. Social media are powerful.
  11. Just want to warn everybody about the behavior of these folks. They're really irritating me. Here's an email I sent them, which received no answer.
  12. This explains the odd track numbering Tidal has, with many missing numbers. Thanks, I'll look for the disks.
  13. Thanks for this tip; I didn't know about that album. The Tidal listing doesn't contain a song with that title, though. Could you be referring to the track named "The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore?" By the way, any Dylan fans who don't know about dylanchords.info ought to take a look at it. Compiled by Eyolf Østrem (whom I don't think would consider it unfair to be described as "an obsessed Dylan fan"), it contains lyrics, chords, and tablature for all of Dylan's songs, as well as essays about various topics.
  14. Not exactly new, but these out-takes or alternates from the 1975 recording of Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" are great listening: just him and his guitar and harmonica, bass on a track or two. This is the first time I've listened on the Quatro M5-HPA system and it's pretty wonderful: intimate, beautifully focused. If you like Dylan, that is. I realize not everyone does. Too bad!
  15. The lifters (although the cables are new too). They always seemed a bit snake-oil-y to me, but thought I'd give them a try after seeing this post by Paul McGowan of PS Audio. He says they work a little with speaker cables, but not interconnects.
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