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  1. For me the biggest challenge was getting my wife to go along with a bunch of big GIK panels all over the room. So I got some really awesome ones with art/photo scans that we actually love. Looks and sounds amazing !
  2. Thanks! It just got a lot better after upgrading to some Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval speaker cables. Gave me a lot more resolution top to bottom. I can turn it up loud and it's just effortless with a big bold full sound.
  3. I should have spent more time listening before making my previous post...after listening for a bit longer my opinion of spiking directly to the floor has changed. I started noticing some harshness to complex music at higher volumes, so I placed my hand on a speaker and it was vibrating much more than ever before. I placed the Herbies sliders back in and the vibration of the speaker cabinets was reduced significantly and the sound became cleaner and I could hear deeper into the music. It appears that mellow music at low-mid volume sounds more vivid but as soon as the musical complexity and volume increase the sound becomes fatiguing. Apparently my tile over concrete floor is reflecting the speaker vibration back into the cabinet rather than draining it away. I repeated this process twice with all kinds of different music and in my case the Herbies sliders are better.
  4. Herbies sliders are out and speakers are now spiked directly to the tile over concrete floor. Better? Yes for sure. I've been planning on doing this for some time but laziness and being really busy is no excuse I guess. Not a huge difference but the bass is better and everything is a bit more "vivid". I can see people with brighter systems/speakers benefitting from the Herbies sliders. They did make my old 3A sigs sound better though. Cheers!
  5. Thanks guys, I am really enjoying these. Back to the music!
  6. The Treos blow away the 3A Sigs. Bass is slightly less deep than the 3A's but its much faster and more articulate. I play a lot of rock and reggae and the Treos will do that kind of music very well as long as you have a powerful amp.
  7. Got my new Treo CT's about a month and a half ago. Speakers are now burned in and everything sounds amazing. These speakers were a replacement for my 3A Sigs.
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