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  1. At the risk of turning this into a crowd-sourced placement exercise, I loved the speakers and chair into a 7' equilateral. This photo is from just behind the point of that triangle. Toe-in is 6" using the method described above. The sound perfectly at the apex of the triangle was weird. It sounded like two speakers way over to each side, like everything turned into a hard-panned stereo Beatles mix. Moving a bit back from the triangle helped, but I'm still evaluating. The sub helps fill in the bass in the center that I think might be lost in this config. I will say that I appreciate the extra room this setup affords. Less cramped! I'll keep experimenting and listening, but thank you all for the advice! Paul
  2. Update with accurate measurement: speakers are 4'9" apart on center, 7'6" from each speaker to the listening position, with 6" of toe-in, identical using Steve Edwards' recommended measuring technique. Now I'm going to bring up my chair so that ears are 4'9" from the base of an equilateral triangle to see what I hear. May try getting speakers further apart, but I've had bad luck in the past. Have a good weekend! Paul
  3. Hi all, Sorry for not responding sooner. Steve, thank you for sharing your precise toe-in technique. Will try it! stratocaster, thanks! The bass is Vandersteen bass, not overpowering. At one point, I had 2 2wqs in there, but the bass was not fuller, and was somehow worse. For me, it's proved more important to have the speakers away from boundaries than from each other. I have tried all manner of placement and toe-in, in 1/2-inch increments. It's always gravitated back to this setup. Equilateral and nearfield haven't worked. I first saw the extreme toe-in technique in the Mozart museum in Salzburg. They have a pair of Franco Serblin bespoke monitors bolted to the floor in this configuration. 3D stereo image. I had read of others trying this technique in small rooms with success. So, my speakers are a little less than 7' apart on center. I'm about 9' back with absorbers behind me, and an open door to a small bathroom behind that, with Owens Corning 703 damping the bathroom. (I just broke my tape measure, so I'll redo the measurements and report back when I pick a new one up) The speakers are aimed at a point about 18" in front of my face! I would probably do it differently in any other room. It's a weird space. When I get the next room over renoed with damping and diffusion built in, at about 14' x 23', I'll move the system over and start all over again, and perhaps upgrade to 2ce IIIs or Treo CTs. I'll give Magnepan 1.7s and Harbeth a listen too. So glad to hear that Richard put the CT midrange in the IIIs. Anyone move to those from the 2ces sigs or the 2ce IIs yet? Please let me know how you find them. Huang, thank you! I love the room itself. It's so cozy. Wood panels, scotch, low lighting, lps. But I think the power of the amp and speakers can overpower the space, and I seldom listen above 75 db at the listening position. Also really enjoying classical these days, especially chamber music, and folk and ambient. Rock is ok with these speakers, but they really do justice to acoustic instruments. My hearing is starting to decline, so I have maybe ten years of good hearing left, and want to make the most of it. Happy listening, and thank you for your feedback! Paul.
  4. Hi all, Here is my system in an 11 x 16 room with Pass Labs electronics. Finding fairly extreme toe-in is what works best for my listening position. Bass is perfect; midrange is finicky. Would love to see more setups here. Best wishes, Paul
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