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  1. also some of the photos above show an LFD internal bi-wire speaker cable, very neutral w powered bass Vandy but a bit low low bass shy w Treo. Just trying for photo honesty.
  2. i agree Steve, while the Kimber are great value, i will move to AQ on the amp end of things.....Probably Wm Tell in copper....
  3. Hi Steve - Yes, very positive experience w Herron, it is the latest 2A . I also had heard it at several shows and a buddy in Seattle has one version back. It does not reward tube rolling, which can save you big $ and aggravation....Keith who is a joy to work with seems to get a lot out of the stock tubes. Keith also very accommodating to work with crafts person who made front panel. i had Musical Surroundings Nova II before, a very very competent phono pre. I find the Herron to be more dynamic, open with better bloom and air, as it should for about 3x the €£¥$.... I sent RV a photo of the internals and he thought parts selection was excellent. i think you should see if you can arrange a demo in your system. I like ARC phono stages, especially the R gear, i would have to remodel the nook......ha...
  4. back to the topic at hand...... i have been working on a review, but i hurl at doing real writing work......
  5. Bob - congrats on the QB-9 Twenty........how is it sounding ?????? best jim
  6. Cyc i would consult Audioquest on how to tighten up the connector you have, Sky imo are awesome cables....
  7. Dave - what is the budget, how big is the room and how loud do you listen ?
  8. ya man, LS-27 is liquid sonic magic IMO....... enjoy
  9. TomicTime

    New MoFi

    awwwww.... Pete, i would send you the Basis but i gave it to my fishing rod builder for his birthday...... argh...... i have a nice Beogram, but it needs to go to Lederman for a tuneup.....best to let Johnny set u up !!!!! yell, if i can assist...
  10. TomicTime

    New MoFi

    for the digital Blacksheep, the Aesthetix Pandora or the Brinkmann Nyquist are about as good as it gets....
  11. Brother runs his 3A-Sig w big Stasis amp and ARC pre, Lampizator tube DAC, lovely sound...... sorry to hear of your struggles a ARC, is this the on-trac semiconductors issue , audiogon thread ?
  12. Finally, there is a cool live edge company in Oceanside and they were very helpful in providing and finishing an amp stand for my “ memorial “ Roger Modjeski RM-9 amp.... I had it rebuilt by Tech at Brooks Berdan. I know tgere are many from SoCal here, they will understand....
  13. i got these at home depot..........great for running wire, in this case AQ rca Water.....
  14. wires a mix of Audioquest ( Fire phono to pre ), Water to amp, Kimber TC-12 in a true shotgun bi-wire w Vandersteens ring terminals both ends )
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