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  1. Very nice! Is there any increased wobble from the couplers? This is likely the route I will go. Good call on the threaded rod. I hadn’t gotten to that step yet, but you’ve saved me a headache!
  2. Hi Richard, thank you for confirming the diameter/thread pitch! I have found some on eBay, but they are metric. I will look into couplers. I was concerned they would add wobble, but I'm sure I can sort that out. I'm glad I could bring back old memories! You're speakers are a key part of my bedtime ritual every day, thank you so much for your, and your team's, great work! That is actually what I have been doing. You can see the block of wood I used to the left of the frame. My concern was that the block will "float" on the carpet, and not punch through to the wood floor to make a s
  3. I’m about 8-9’ front the speakers. A longer spike is exactly what I am looking for. The footers would be inappropriate for use on my carpet, as they prevent the spike from coupling to the wood flooring.
  4. That will not work in my case, as the threads are not long enough to hold the spike in the hole. I need a rear elevation of approximately 1.5" as measured at the back of the rear brace. The attached picture shows the spike I am using. In that picture, it just barely manages to achieve 1.5", however *it is not screwed it at all*, the stand is simply resting on the top thread. If I screw it in a few turns, it is no longer achieving 1.5" height, *and* it is still wobbly.
  5. I have what I believe are original Vandersteen stands for my 3A's. However, in order to achieve the appropriate tip-back angle for my space, I must place a block of wood under the rear spike, as I cannot adjust it long enough. I'm seeking a longer spike so that I can actually achieve the stability and isolation characteristics of a spike, as a 4"x3" block of wood on carpet is certainly *not* anchoring the speaker to the floor! Can I purchase these through you guys? Is there a third-party vendor you can recommend?
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