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  1. I've found that I rather like DH Labs Silver Sonic connectors. They have very nice locking RCA connectors. Question, is there a way to add different connectors to the High Pass crossover? I am finding the Sky RCA connectors to be rather loose to my amplifier. Would AudioQuest offer this?
  2. Since the Vandersteen setup is unique using an in line crossover, does anyone recommend a particular cable between preamp to crossover? I believe the Audioquest Skys RCA are currently terminated on my crossover, is it important to find a cable that has the same properties as this cable? I believe it is discontinued by AQ.
  3. Was able to test this out and my amp was nearly perfectly on point with the crossover settings as described. Warming up my equipment an hour helped, it seems the values weren't consistant across both channels until about a hour warm up time.
  4. I just got the Herbies giant titanium footers, probably should make a new thread as its a bit off topic but they allow my 5As to move like silk. Wow, wish I knew about this a very long time ago. Not yet listened but functionally a perfect solution so far.
  5. One thing Richard advises is to use a light level (Home Depot ~$20) and put it on the top of each speaker and mark your back wall to verify the tilt on each and toe in matches. Its a pretty good way to verify settings especially if you have uneven flooring, etc.
  6. Moving them any distance is a potential gouge in the floor 🙂 Thanks for the tip.
  7. Thanks for the info, I'll take the advise to use the Herbies to find my location and Vandersteen footers once I find that desirable sweet spot. The problem with the Vandersteen footers they tend to jump off the footer when they get stuck hitting a plank transition in my laminate flooring.
  8. This is an absurd assumption if that is what Richard had in mind. How else can one move these things around? For all the engineering that went into these amazing speakers, placement logistics was overlooked.
  9. Ok, that makes sense. Well whatever previously was on the bottom came off easily and wore down over time. I have moved them considerably, they are extremely heavy...any material on the bottom of those shoes would be under considerable stress. It would be awesome to add caster wheels then a method to have spikes come down somehow.
  10. The VanderCones (I think that is their official name) are just machined metal, the felt doesn't seem to be anything special. I am not aware of what the difference between spike shoes vs cones. I assumed they were the same.
  11. Actually these are about the same price as the VanderCones, I didnt do the math on each. I'm thinking I'll still make the investment. Not many other options.
  12. Why would you switch back to the Vandersteen cones? If these allow better movement and accommodate for spikes, is there a tradeoff? Way cheaper than the VanderCones too. What size would I get for the 5As?
  13. I mean the felt disintegrates over time, I can move them ever so gently but not far. However, I've changed the felt bottoms multiple times, so if you have the VanderCones just make sure to have extra felt around anytime you do any major moves. I did try the furniture floor pads, but like you side they poked through the plastic and any little sand or dirt will cause marks on laminate flooring. My best lucky today was using a furniture dolly with an old piece of remnant carpet between the speaker and dolly. Actually worked quite well from the front where there are two spikes. Have ano
  14. Ok, thanks...now I get it. I know the specs on my Amp (McCormack DNA-1) but I am always one to try things out to know for sure.
  15. How exactly is this done? I looked over the manual and it suggests to use equipment I do not own. I didnt see instructions on using a Vandertone and a multimeter anywhere.
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