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  1. that seems to be the case that there are a lot of good sounding ones. i wish there were more real-world a/b/c comparison reviews of dacs - or maybe more "plain" talk about them. but they all seem to be pretty good albeit most reviews i read all say "there is no sound to this dac" which is supposed to be neutral i guess. back in the 90's i a/b compared a rotel 865 CD player with and without a california audio labs sigma tube dac and i thought my co-worker had switched speakers on me! from 804's to 803's which were wider apart - the sound stage was wider, deeper and taller! of course the sound was warmer and fuller as well. so i'm a little worried about reviews that say every dac is neutral. but like i mentioned, the dacmagic+ is nothing glaringly wrong and i assume the 851 is better all around. but yeah, i don't know about the future. streaming seems to suck for me b/c i don't buy a new cd every month so why keep spending monthly on listening to the same music. to me the best solution is download or buying a cd and then burning it. the whole "pay monthly" fad started a while back and definitely has it's place when you average out over time, but not for me yet.
  2. please remember to measure your ear height from the floor in your listening position. get as close as you can and then use tilt-back as a minor tweak. my ear height is 9 to 11" higher than what the speakers were designed towards and even tilted back, my ears are much higher than the tweeter on the signature II's. i have ordered a custom pair of sound anchor stands which raise the speakers 8" + ~1" for spikes. i spent 5+ years disappointed with them and now i can't wait to get the new stands!
  3. haha ok. yeah, i mean i first heard about it in the mid 90's where people were using alum pop cans to lift their cables. and the static electricity interference was the thought that i heard at that time. i never really thought much of it other than it's possible. it wasn't until recently that i thought since it's winter by me, with such dry dry air, there could be something. i suppose vibrations could perturb the electro magnetic field. all these things sure could add up. to me, it could all be too little of a difference to notice. i mean, i sold hifi for 7 years, and i've heard differences between equipment, recordings, and speaker placement. to me those were usually so obvious though. i ended up at a point where if i couldn't immediately identify a difference, then i would tell clients - do you what think is best. and i had clients that could hear things/differences i couldn't . the other point i ended up at was that each piece had it's own voice. so really it was what do you like to listen to, and does product a "do it for you" or product b? i see it in other hobbies too - tuning your car for auto cross or track days, optics on telescopes, profiling and calibrating color for photo taking, editing and printing. there's low-hanging fruit that makes a big obvious difference, then it's just too much. but yeah, i'll probably put my cables up on books or 3d printed stands - ha!
  4. i have some telarc cd's - time warp, star tracks I and II, love them and love the movie. i do get a sense of space of the hall. also another telarc - round up!. i love the who, i'll have too look for that track. ha if it's like jazz at the pawn shop, there's another one i will get. although JATPS doesn't give me a sense of space beyond where the group is performing. well, the audience does, but i feel more intimately connected to the band as per the description of how they recorded it. for the cowboy junkies, i never really was in love with their music but i'm tempted to try that album b/c of it's space. yeah, i think a lot of things can be lost in 'gigantic' live performances, like a stadium or whatnot. i guess that's not bad and i bet i'm missing out on "space" for the cool factor. most of the live performances i've seen of trio's or orchestras/chorals have been either performing arts centers or what might be cconcidered smaller jazz clubs - or 100 person capacity spaces. oh and a few performances of xmas music at smaller to medium sized churches. thanks again.
  5. so i'm using a krell s-300i integrated amp. for digital, i use a win 7 laptop and cambridge dacmagic plus with their asynchronous windows drivers for usb output. i just recently called to order a cambridge 851n, but not necessarily for streaming, more for ability to plugin a usb hard drive or nas drive. it looks like the dm+ to 851n will be a fairly good step up so i'm looking forward to it! there is a slight chance i'll get it between dec 25th and jan 1st but i think it won't come until after the new year. all in all though i've been pretty happy with the sound, but per my thread about listening height, i'm expecting that to make the biggest impact.
  6. do you mean new cables or the cable lifters? i always thought the idea of putting cables up on stands was to reduce interference from static electricity riding on carpet surface. is that still the thinking? i was going to 3d print some stands, but plastic might attract static?
  7. wow so friday night in san fran... you bet i'm going to get that!
  8. hey thanks great suggestions. so i forgot the village gate! i can search for performances recorded there. i know what you are saying about all the technology and mixing. but speaking of that, there was a company called q-sound i believe that did a mix of madonna songs called Immaculate Collection. there's some crazy things ggoing on with the whole cd. when it first came out it blew me away. they also did a bryan adams cd so i want to download that. but yeah, that's crazy mixing and in a lot of cases it's fairly distracting. for other music, i have a recording by a fellow named "mighty" sam mclane. the song is who made you cry and wow i really liked that especially the opening. it was a studio, but really a converted small church. so i guess when i say studio, i mean a flat sounding small room with lots-o-sound absorbers ha. i have some telarc discs that i can get lost in, and i want to replace a lost cd of Kodo - Live at the accropolis. as i recall there's a lot of chesky recordings that did both - a larger recording area as well as artificially created spaces. oh, i used to remember listening and demo'ing for customers, the quad-bells in the 1812 overture on telarc records. people always thought i had surround sound setup when they heard that ha. i have a couple of nora jones albums and while very good don't seem "live" - which is pretty obvious. but yeah like that sam mclane, or like the village gate (thanks again!) they aren't studios and they aren't giant stadiums either. the right mix.
  9. hello all. so what's your favorite recording to show off "space" of a concert hall or live venue where you really feel like you're transported to a different space... as opposed to a recording studio room.
  10. not mad at richard. (grrr) . his experiences may be totally different than mine. however when i read a quote like the one below in ctsooner's post, yeah that would have been helpful to read in the manual or on the product page of every speaker he has! - life lesson, don't get stuck conforming to someone else's experiences and thinking you're the one that's screwing up 🙂 cyc - yeah, i've got 2 dual axis auto leveling lasers mounted on camera tripods, large and small carpenter squares, several bubble levels and multiple tape measures as well as several lengths of string. ha! oh and some angle gauges... forget what they are called but they are circular and marked in 1/2 degree increments. bass response will be affected like he said, but for me i think that's kind of ok as my room and setup will not give me ideal bass response, but the cool thing is, i can still hear every note that i "look for" when judging bass. for example, around 1 min into "obvious child" from paul simon, there's a nice thump/thump sound that for years has always made me think someone was outside closing a car door.... as long as i can hear that, i'm thinking i'm pretty good. anyway, i'm getting so excited for the new stands to come!
  11. hi everyone, new to the forums. i started off with a fiery post, but really do love vandersteens and can't wait for my new stands. i use a krell s300i integrated and love it. always liked krell but there are so many great amps out there! i remember back in my days of working in hifi, we had the "new" sunfire amp with two modes on it. i kind of wish i had one of those amps now, i bet it'd be an awesome amp with the vandersteens too.
  12. i just ordered some custom sound anchor stands which are 8" tall plus the height of the spikes (approx 1 inch depending on how deeply threaded). first, although in the mid-late 90's i sold sound anchor stands, i never knew you could order a custom made pair! second, the manual states that the "focus" of the alignment is 33" off the floor while the speakers are on the 3" optional sound anchor stands. well my ear height is 42-43" off the floor. although i have for years, had my speakers tilted back the recommended 3" to 3.5" at distances of 7-9ft from the speakers, i have not been satisfied with the sound. even though there is a reported 6" (+/- 3") window of focus. it's my assertion that tilting the speakers is no substitute for physically lifting the speakers. and here's the reason why: these are not super directional drivers - they don't "beam". and i also believe the driver arrangement does not facilitate beaming. and certainly, the sound waves from the combined drivers, do not behave/radiate in a spherical manor. however the time/phase alignment may focus at a certain height, tilting does not compensate for physical speaker height. i finally realized i should measure the approx height of the tweeters using a flash light shinning through the cloth. my approx measured height on the factory 3" sound anchors is 38.5" . the recommended listening ear height is 33" which is 5.5 inches below the tweeter. even with the speakers tilted back, my ears are still 4-5 inches above the tweeter! what ultimately lead me to this: on a few occasions i sat on the floor in front of my listening chair with the speakers vertical to tilted back dramatically. each time the sound came to life, it was as is stated in the manual "just right" or just worked. i may have had an ear height lower than 33", however it was so "right" to me, that i've finally broken down and said i either sell these speakers and get something else (which i would probably end up in a similar situation) or correct the problem. i really take issue with the user manual when it comes to the importance of listening height, and i take issue with the tilting as a solution, and further take issue with the "focus" of these speakers being tuned to 33" off the floor when noone in the world sits on the floor or a chair that is so far out of the norm of seat height that noone buying these speakers would ever truly hear them the way RV is trying to convey. RV needs to change the focus of these speakers or recommend bean-bags as a seat. standard seat height is 18". further, i'm 6ft 3in tall. 33" focus does not even apply to the "average" person. i have a little bit of a fiery attitude here because i know how good these speakers can sound but i believe so many people are so far out of whack due to incorrect height - and incorrect solution of tilt - that it's masking what i have known to be an outstanding speaker - in other words, knowledge and information should be freely shared and that knowledge/information should be accurate and inclusive and also not just one point of view. the manual should say, if your ear height is higher than 33" - buy custom stands according to this graph and raise the height of the speakers. unless the maker wants to raise up the foucs from 33" to 38". so ha, i solved the problem! although i wont get my new stands for 4 weeks, but given the "floor sitting" i expect huge improvements! i think i will actually want to listen to music from now on!
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