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  1. I thank you for taking the time to respond. I will never hate you, it’s up to me to weight the information and make my own decision.
  2. BK you bring up a lot of vague cool memories. When the Celtics came to Hartford I always tried to get tickets. I don't know if you are old enough to remember the Wide World of Sports... "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". One of the clips was Larry Bird falling down and heaving the ball and making it. That was in Hartford Civic Center... I was there, and quite saddened that such an awesome shot didn't count!
  3. Alcohol might have been involved I don't remember too much from that time period in my live, 19-20 years old.
  4. Tell me more about this medical ethernet filter? When I re-piped my house I had the guy run ethernet to every room. Rocket scientist me put it on the wrong wall in one room, so I have a long run to my DAC.
  5. I have only one experience with stasis amps. When I was in the military I bought a pair of Infinity RS3bs (loved those speakers). While auditioning amps to drive them in the BX the choice came down to a Yamaha M60 and a Nakamichi Stasis. The 3Bs are a a challenging load I guess. I wanted the stasis bad, but it kept gong into protection mode. We thought it was a bad amp so the guy pulled one from stock. Same thing, not even extreme levels, needless to say I went with the Yamaha, still have it somewhere around here.
  6. It was some time ago but outside of Hartford there was a place I think The 880 Club. Sunday night was jam session night, and Jackie McClain would show up and jam sometimes. My favorite memory was a regular, a vibe player, name escapes me, but the drunker he got the better he would play. The regulars would always buy him drinks to assure a good evening for all.
  7. I have two digital systems, PS Audio DS Sr. and Chord TT2 + Scaler. I honestly could not tell you which I like best. The PS audio system is a lot closer to analog in my system, I've actually checked to see the 5.1 aspect of the system was not engaged it sounded so 3D. The Chord system is so detailed not fatiguing detail but in a good way. The Chord system is a bit harder on a poor recording, but on a good recording I feel as if I could walk between each performer. I would like to experience Ayre one day. I like digital for the ease factor too. Alternatively there is something to be said about the engaging nature of analog too. Oh heck pour another beer and sit down and enjoy the music.
  8. I posted my new Treos but not the system, I'm building a rack when it's done I'll post the system.
  9. Therapy for me as well. I love turning on and getting turned to music, and ways to optimize the experience. Love your room!
  10. I will have to check our Shakti... thats's the beauty of streaming, thanks for the tip
  11. Outstanding recording almost as if you are in the audience.
  12. Huang

    Chick Corea

    I have never been a huge Chick Corea fan I recognize his talent though.
  13. I have read several places that zero feedback was highly preferred with Richard's speakers. High energy storage may be a plus also due to the dynamic nature of the speakers. Do you have a sub?
  14. I grew up in Tolland, best know as the exit you get off to go to UCONN
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