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  1. I just saw this discussion. hopefully I'm not too late for a comment. With my Treo CTs, I have used Quicksilver Silver 60 monos, and I loved the sound --kind of a classical tube sound. Now I'm using the Rogue ST100, and it works really well. More of a detailed sound without losing the tube characteristics that I like. The St100 is a modern design with a sound different to the classic tube sound. Many reviews point out this characteristic. I agree with Huangh on that the Treo's need a little more power than the 40 watts minimum stated on the specs, but not that much more. My quicksilvers
  2. Thank you for the replies. Very helpful. Tom, thanks for the advice. That is what I've tried to do, with good results. I wonder if the thickness of the slabs has any effect on the sound. Mine are only 1 inch thick. Steve, I agree with your comments on the distance to the rear wall. I'm still curious about Richard's comment. I have the feeling that the meant something else, not that the best position is 12'' or less from the wall. Maybe something more like "even if the speakers are very close to the walls they still will sound great". I wanted to have a more technical explanation fr
  3. First post here, hoping to get some answers to a couple of questions I have. I sent these questions to the Ask Richard site about 3 weeks ago but no reply. I emailed the company and nothing. In the past, Richard and the company have been very responsive and helpful. It's Covid time and everything is complicated, I guess. I have a pair of Treo CTs, that I love. As positioning the speakers is important for good sound, I have been reading about it. In one of his answers in the Ask Richard page, he states that "THE TREO CT IS DESIGNED TO BE USED WITHIN 12 INCHES OF THE REAR WALL". This seems
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