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  1. What the heck is that? B
  2. @TomicTime, +1, I forgot about that. B
  3. @ctsooner, Why not have both? A full year of Qobuz is $150 bucks or so, $250 for discounted downloads. I have the Studio Premier ($150), as I haven't found the need to actually buy . Though considering how cheap digital storage is, I might just do it when I get good grasp at keeping digital music on a secure/redundant NAS. B
  4. Well, if you have Vandy's, Atma-Sphere amps really make them shine.-though I am not sure about them being single ended tube amps. Bob
  5. All the spade speaker cables I have gotten from AQ fit the Vandy speaker terminals. When in doubt, call or email AQ and ask for Alasdair. He knows what you'll need. Bob
  6. Hmm, reminds me of how people with Pitch Perfect hearing suffer from listening to anything off-key. I agree with @BKDad , it would make a good Thesis.😊 Bob- Listening with one ear, as the other is clogged due to Allergies.
  7. @BKDad, Your sentiment seems to echo many Vandersteen owners. My time on Audiogon showed Vandy owners to be the most open, non-judgmental people. It makes me wonder if our hearing abilities might be connected with our personalities? Bob`
  8. I, too, love the Getz recordings. Though I found out recently that Astrud Gilberto felt that he used her-paying a low salary. Bob
  9. I would imagine Aurender has a transferring app. that uses a verification system to insure the data is properly transferred. I use Syncback for my photography backups, and there are some scenarios that cause a backup to take a loooong time. Bob
  10. Wow, that is what I call a 'Toughie'. My main concern is the reflection from the glass patio doors. Bob
  11. I love seeing a room that is not only for a stereo system, but for living. I like that reflector thing in front of the fireplace, too. BTW, what is the blue gun thing next to the turntable? Bob
  12. Just when I thought I had a fairly complete knowledge of insturments. B
  13. I switched to Qobuz for the past year. Their classical catalog is much better than Tidal. Also, using Roon, the tracks are clearly identified- Unlike Bluesound, which just list tracks as numbers. Bob
  14. Funny, but I just viewed a PS Audio youtube video and Paul showed a big bar of solder, which he claimed had lead in it. Bob
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