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@ctsooner I can’t explain why several dedicated lines improve the sound (lowered noise floor, reduced hum from 5A amp hum, etc.), but the results are obvious.  Second house where this has been a sort-of-expensive but totally-worth-it upgrade.  I might have lucked out on grounding, which seems to be a sort of black art not understood well even by experienced electricians.

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I'm in a townhouse with 18 other units.  I had them put the dedicated circuits in when building the place.  I didn't realize the ground rods were over 6' long.  We are on a ledge, but they were easily able to hammer them into the ground.  They also made sure to use identical lengths of cable for each run/each circuit.  They are screwed into the breakers I believe and I know they are screwed into the newer AQ outlets.  It's copper wire, but not cryo treated or anything like that.  When I had to have both circuits moved to a different wall, we just cut the drywall above the baseboard and ran the wires. I then put the drywall pieces back in place and the mud job was very simple.  Painted to match the wall and voila, moved circuits.  I do hear a difference if I plug things into the main room outlets that are still on the wall the units are on vs the dedicated lines.  DEAD quiet (as though they are turned off) with volume levels on highest settings.  No buzz or anything.  

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