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Do newer Treo/Quatro trump original Model 5s?

Ross B.

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15 minutes ago, Richard Vandersteen said:

It is very important the high-pass is configured for the speaker being used (Quatro, KENTO or SEVEN).  The SUB THREE and SUB NINE will self-compensate after doing the room tune with the disc appropriate to the SPEAKER.  When using one SUB THREE I would put it in one of the corners behind the main speakers.  One could put the sub behind the listener if the distance to the listener and the sub is slightly further the main speaker are.  Bass is omni directional, but no woofer is perfect (even ours) and some energy (distortion at frequencies which are directional) will escape into the room.  If the distance is similar this problem is minimized and not normally audible.  RV

Thanks very much for the insight.

However, I am disturbed to learn that your woofers are not perfect...  😀

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On 5/5/2024 at 2:01 PM, Jim Heckman said:

Also a pleasure to hear your view of the 3s.  I have to wonder how many people feel like you and I do about them. 

I am one of those people. When I upgraded from a Circuit City special to a used pair of 3A Signature back when I was in graduate school, everything about the hobby changed for me. I was (still am) a musician, and so was my crowd, even though at the time I was working toward an accounting master degree. Within months of buying the 3A Signature, at least one night each week was dedicated to the combination of friends, beers, and CD after CD played through the mega-monoliths. Freakin’ loved those speakers.

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