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Movie “TAR” (and other music based movies)

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Watched it last night, and while I like Blanchette… and she did a good acting job… just then plot and story seemed a bit contrived.

In any case some of the musical passages had such an attack to them, it nearly blew us off the sofa.
The db(A) peak was <90dB and the dB(C) peeked at over 100 dB.
It was nice to have that sense of power.

The first “eyebrow raiser” one was at about 59 minutes in.

“Searching for Sugarman” is a nice music based movie, but I am open to some suggestions.
I’ll need to figure out if there are some specific AVP settings for 2-channel.

And as time marches on, I’ll try some of those symphony concerts that others here have subscribed to.

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