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I listen almost entirely on my Quatros at home, but on long airline flights it's nice to zone out with such music as I can download on an Android phone and listen to through the admirably small and lightweight Questyle M12 DAC. I've been using a pair of PSB M4U wired headphones for some years, but they now seem to hurt my ears after an hour or so of listening. Can anyone recommend a replacement? Cost is less of an object than durability, as they'll have to get banged around in a pocket in my backpack when not in use. The earmuffs on the PSBs started flaking off and decorating my gray hair with black specks, but I was able to find replacements; the headband seems to have given up most of its flakes on this trip.

Wireless earbuds seem like a great idea, but it's hard to imagine the sound quality and noise-cancelling function could match a full headset. I love to turn off talkative aircrews with multi-lingual announcements.

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I actually am selling my Shure 50's that are noise cancelling. I'm selling because I am using strictly Empire Ear IEM's.  I personally am fine with their noise cancelling, but some just like the over ear cans.  I also started with the PSB's and gave them to my son to use.  They are decent, but cheaply made.  Many are not well made.  Hifi Man has some good noise cancelling, but I haven't heard them in a long time.  I also love how my IEM's just fit into a small container that holds the cleaning brush and any adaptors (balanced or unbalance connections).  

Oh, the best IEM's for noise cancelling are 'customs' that fit directly into your ear canal.  I miss mine (long story).  Let me ask a few of my personal audio reviewers who would know better. 

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