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Looks like I'm Family

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It's official. I received my warranty papers. I'm family.

I dove into the deep end (for me) after playing in the shallows for years and  adopted two sets of twins: Quatro Wood CT's and M5hpa's.

I had a fantastic experience from start to finish (almost 1.5yrs) with Aaron and Jessica at Now Listen Here in Harrisburg, PA.. I stressed through the "Veneer Decision" and survived. What I found very impressive was the involvement of Richard with my purchase. I did not speak directly with him, however; Aaron relayed to me his involvement and interest in my purchase. In this day and time it is unusual to find a dealer/manufacturer with the dedication to ensure my satisfaction.

Aaron and Jessica delivered and spent the majority of the day setting up and ensuring that the Quatro's performed at their best. It has been roughly three weeks and I have a little more than 100 sensational hours on the Quatro/M5hpa combo.

I work third shift and when I get home at 6:30am, the first thing I do is fire up the system, hop in the shower, and then it is ready to go. I find it difficult to stop listening to get some sleep. This was a fantastic investment into my quality of life.

I, also, want to thank the team at Vandersteen for creating an absolutely gorgeous sounding and looking speaker. 

The icing on the cake was that I was able to support a local business and purchase a product that was manufactured in America!

My listening room is a spare bedroom and not at a level that most of the systems are on this forum. That is my next task.



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Thank you for the warm welcome.

I can't recommend Aaron and Jessica enough for anyone interested in Vandersteen products as well as any other audio needs.

My system consists of:

Ayon S10 II - music source

Ayon Auris II Ultimate - Pre

Shunyata - D6000/s v2 - Typhon T2 - all power cords

Townshend  Audio F1 Fractal XLR's

Townshend Audio Seismic Platforms

Small Green Computer

Waversa bridge/LAN1

Left Hand Index Finger




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Welcome to the club Scott!! Great system and a terrific choice going with the Quatro's and the amps. The finish on the speakers is definitely stunning.  Using the spare bedroom for listening is a great start since nothing beats a dedicated listening environment. I noticed some cable risers. Did you make these or buy them?

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Now that I'm back in town I can post.  Scott, WELCOME to the forum!!!

I LOVE your system.  I too have Waversa for my digital, including the HDMI for my TV and it's makes my OLED even better!  I'm using the Reference LAN for my ethernet.  John has become a friend of mine over the years.  He had some great gear, that's for sure.  The pics look awesome!!!

You'll find out what the rest of us are using as you read the past threads..  I'm also a Quatro CT/M5hpa's with The Memory Player (server/streamer). I also will use the Waversa streamer which is an AMAZING inexpensive streamer.  My DAC is the Brinkmann Nyquist mk2 which I love.  All Audioquest for power, cords and cables.  

I look forward to your posts about your new system.  

Again, welcome!!!

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