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Richard, thank you very much for the perspective.  Of course I am delighted to hear that adding the Sub Nines and Bedrocks to my Seven MkIIs is the biggest improvement.  That was due to your good advice (and Pete's suggestion).  I must say I'm not surprised, in view of how big an improvement they made.  That was part of the background of my question re the XTRM--how much better can it get, or do I need it to get?  Your big amps are out of range for me, fabulous though I'm sure they are, but Johnny Rutan has me in good wires.  So, except for the XTRM, I'm about as close to the Holy Grail as I can be at the moment, which is pretty close.  That being the case, I'm thrilled to hear your assessment of where this has left me, but again, not surprised in view of the haunting beauty of the sound.

What a pleasure it is to deal with a designer who cares so greatly about value for his customers.  

Jim Heckman

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This is why this forum is so great.  Jim, I have heard the whole sub 9 system (with Richards amps and subs) and as I said it was a fairly large upgrade. Glad Richard and Brad shared that it was a great path to go. I know you are enjoying the heck out of it as you should be. I’m sure the XTRM take them to a new level. As much as the Vandy amp is optimized, the amp is one of the last places to spend ur dollars. Speaker first ad you are doing. Your amps are just behind the 7 amps but stil a great buy 

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