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New Home/New Listening Room

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Apropos discussions of double-layer gypboard with intervening channels, here's an article Robert Harley (of The Absolute Sound) wrote describing his adventures in constructing a dedicated listening room, which sounds a bit daunting. I've also attached the manufacturer's installation guide for the system he used.

If that article's behind a paywall let me know.


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7 hours ago, ctsooner said:

That makes the most sense.  I see too many spending a ton on things that over damp a room etc.  I think one reason I’ve stayed away from doing too much, is because too man rooms are over done and don’t sound great.  

Reflected in a low WAF score.

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I need to have my room looking good too.  I made some nice wooden platforms for the M5's, have a nice 3" piece of granite under teh speakers and have a couple of quilts where Rutan told me to put them.  I try to hide all the cables with silk plants (Bob, I'm sorry, but I KILL living green things).  We have way too much furniture in the loft, but I have no where else to put things.  

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