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Board Rules


I wanted to start a thread about behavior due to a recent troll we have had on our board.  Richard started this community for all of we V owners who want to share information, have fun, learn and share cool music we enjoy.  It's a place for community.  We haven't needed a thread like this, because everyone has been very cordial to each other and acted like an adult.  The only true rule is to not be an antagonist.  There are plenty of sites where people can be mean spirited, call posters/designers out, bash equipment if that is what they need to make themselves feel better.

I'm glad that a couple of you shared what you felt were not in the spirit of the board.  

Thanks for being great posters and making a fun community.  We have all learned a lot from each other and many have become good friends off the board as well as on.  Enjoy the music.

Very Respectfully, 


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