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Welcome to the Vandersteen Owners Forum

Brad O

Welcome to the Vandersteen Owners Forum. If you are an owner, sign up. If you are not an owner, look around and see what Vandersteen Owners say about their systems. 

Vandersteen set up this Owner's Forum so you can directly access the designer of your Vandersteen products. The most crucial reason this space exists is Richard and Nathan want you to understand the design decisions made in creating your products and find the best solutions within that product's design parameters. Over several decades, Vandersteen has always offered straightforward advice to reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes.   While our passion is for everyone to share our sonic ideal, we realize our answers may differ for your tastes and in your room. That is why this is a forum, and we hope you will post your findings, experiences, and opinions about your audio system openly. A lot of the information you'll find here comes from avid and long-term Vandersteen users, which proves helpful in mixing products and speaker adjustment in the quest for sonic nirvana. We hope you join us on this path of music playback discovery. 

Since this forum is set up for Vandersteen Owners to discuss their systems and music, we require you to post a picture of your system as part of your registration to ensure all members are Vandersteen Owners. The verification process may take a moment as we manually review each new member. Thank you from everyone at Vandersteen. 
Please keep in mind this forum is not a town square. Please keep all discussions to Vandersteen-related ideas. This forum is also not a marketplace; if you wish to sell parts of your system online, there are plenty of websites for that purpose. We also don't have sponsors, as Vandersteen pays for this site and its maintenance to keep the focus on Vandersteen-related information.

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