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Chopin Nocturnes: Ingrid Fliter


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I’m not certain where I came across this recording. It may have been a Roon recommendation. Or I could have read about it in Stereophile. In either case, my wife and I have been enjoying listening to this, 10 or 15 or 20 minutes at a time, with the lights low right before we head to bed. They are after all, nocturnes, and seem to fit in perfectly at the end of the day. I know only a little about classical music and even less about Chopin, (who was amusingly referred to, by Franz Liszt speaking to George Sand, as “the Polish corpse” in the very enjoyable film Impromptu), so I am happy to find a way in to his work. If you’re interested, here is a short review of this recording that I came across. https://www.gramophone.co.uk/review/chopin-complete-nocturnes-fliter

Again, the quality of the 5A’s that continues to impress me in my early days living with these speakers, is the presentation of the piano. The piano sounds like a piano.

Best, John


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