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Any reason to boost the tweeter level?

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They also can sound brighter when there is more harmonics from the amplifier, and many prefer that as “sounding better”.

Technically when we ignore how they sound, one can argue that more distortion is less correct, and also should sound quieter.
So there is a disconnect between what sounds good, and what is “better”.

My current tube amp does “Ultra-Linear” (UL) and Triode.
The UL sounds better (IMO) for rock and similar stuff, but I have been using Triode more and more, as it is cleaner and quieter… especially for stark and simple piano and vocals.

Again I would not worry too much about 0,5 dB n the grand scheme of things.
However if they get hard to listen to for a long time, then they probably need to be backed off and reduced in contribution.

I don’t mind the sound of Focals, but I can not listen to both sides of an album with them.
And the Mrs also does not abide many dB of extra brightness in a home theatre setup.
(Her tolerance is measured in seconds versus my minutes,)

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