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New Vinyl Composition

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Hi all.

I purchase some vinyl from Gondwana Records from time to time and just received this email. Just wondering if anyone else has heard about this new material?


We have been thinking about this for a while and are proud to announce that going forward all of Gondwana Records vinyl production will be pressed on Optimal Media’s BioVinyl.

We have been wanting to find a more ecologically friendly alternative to vinyl for a while and have spent a good few months testing and listening to the alternatives and then made this decision carefully as we wanted to be 100% sure that the new BioVinyl really sounded as good as vinyl.

To explain BioVinyl is a sustainable vinyl record alternative which uses bio-based PVC in the production process. The quality of the acoustic and the look is identical to a conventional pressing.

Here are some more facts:

• Replacement of petroleum in S-PVC by recycling used cooking oil or industrial waste gasses
• 100% CO₂ savings in bio-based S-PVC production
• 100% recyclable and reusable in the circular economy
• Acoustic and optical quality identical to conventional vinyl record


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