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Kenwood Trio L-05M quad mono blocks

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I'm using these now. The sound is good. I'm happy and in the end you guys were right about amps. These traditional old school high current amps are the way to go for these. I'll be returning the Fosi amps.

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54 minutes ago, olds1959special said:

These would be 200 watts per channel, 40 more than than 160 recommended for these speakers. Is too much power a problem?

The volume knob mostly controls the max power..

Probably 200W is too much if you turn it up like gangbusters.
But it is usually easier to burn up a tweeter with less power.

If you are loosing hearing then playing it at max volume is not going to help, and if you are not loosing hearing, then max volume will help get you there.

But 2x 100W amp does not make a 200W amp.

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4 hours ago, olds1959special said:

If I'm using two amps per speaker, what is the amount of power I am giving the speakers?

General rule of thumb (I think), assuming music with a common balance… is 50% to the woofer, 30% to the MR and 20% to the tweeter.
(Or maybe it is 50:35:15 ??)

So the woofer notes are line big rollers on the ocean, where the height is analogous to the voltage.
Then the MR and tweeter notes are the chop  riding on top of the rollers.
Once the rollers get high enough, then the chop will hit the amplifier’s positive and negative rails before the rollers do

So when you push through a full range signal, then you still end up clipping the signal.

One needs to run an active XO to remove the lowest notes, or run the Vandy (analogue) HPF, to remove those, or <something else>???

If those amps were bridgable, then they would double the power.
Or if those amps had super weak power supplies, then even though the voltage was high, by having no appreciable current means that they will not sag down.

In reality; unless you are listening pretty loud, then I am not sure it makes a whole lot of difference.
Many people just go to a “better amp”  and call it a day.
And some go to active XO, usually with a DSP… and then run the 4 amps which are already LPF, bandpass filtered, and HPF.

I might have it slightly wrong, but ^that^ is my understanding/belief. 🫠

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