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roll off, fast or slow? minimum or linear phase? I'm trying to figure out what works for me. My Dac has 7 filter settings. Right now I'm trying minimum phase slow roll off. Before that I was using linear phase fast roll off, but I'm trying to get a less fatiguing sound. 

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As always, please trust your ears to select which filter wisely.

Many audiophiles with switchable filters will try each to get the best sound for each recording they play for critical listening. Their results vary with the recordings. That's of course because of variables in the recordings.

Many audiophiles want set it and forget it. The want this for background music or for critical listening. They still trust their ears. They will start with recommendations from others, but I haven't seen identical systems between those recommending and those seeking advice. Also different audiophiles don't have exactly the same preferences in sound or components. Relying on recommendations beyond suggestions may likely confuse you depending on similarities in your room, equipment, and setup. YMMV

Happy hunting!

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