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Bare wire speaker cables?

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16 hours ago, olds1959special said:

Can I connect bare wire speaker cables to 2ce Sig 2’s with the screw connectors?

Yeah Rv answered that a week ago in another thread.

On the 22nd of last month, on page #3..

(This was a draft from yesterday… so sorry it is late.)

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9 hours ago, olds1959special said:

Any tips on connecting bare wire to Vandies using the screw terminals? Does this look okay? I screwed them in pretty tight.IMG_0207.thumb.JPG.b4dfc1c06fbc3f71a4e897246837ebe0.JPGIMG_0206.thumb.JPG.1063c14546db64464e6319bfb50eef07.JPG

As per before…
The top photo right side could be done clockwise.
The bottom photo are all done anti-clockwise. (CCW), so would go the other way there.

Even in the southern hemisphere where the water down the drain in reverse… I’ll run em clockwise (CW), so that the screw is pulling on the long end. 

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