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Black Monuments Ensemble (“Where Future Unfolds”, and “NOW”)


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A fellow that I have known for ~45 years in the father of Damian Locks, who is the brains behind Black Monuments Ensemble.

As the ensemble’s title suggests, it is political.
They are Chicago based, and tour at least in Chicago and the Midwest..

The CD “Where the Future Unfolds”:

This is a live recording and has a Jazz/Lounge vib to it, and sounds sonically pretty nice…  The lyrics are not entirely upbeat, but they are well done.
Some of the the tracks on both albums have a bit of Moog’ish, synth, and futuristic sonics , and some are discordant.

Track 6: Has LP clicks-n-pops on it, so at least I can pretend it is a vinyl LP 😎 

The CD “NOW”:

While more of a studio album sound than a live album, it is much the same at the previous CD… It does have a live sound aspect to some of it.
A bit Beastie Boys like in the use of “samples’, which are strategically inserted in many of the songs. A theme also used on the earlier CD.

Track 1: A wide soundstage (but not in a hard panned way)
Track 2: Some depth in the stage.




On the speaker side… My RH speaker almost always seems to require more volume on many LPs, but the CD has returned it to being centered.
(I have been concerned it was the speaker or the room… but maybe it is the old Phono stage of the new cart?)
Perhaps the system is left leaning with LPs?? 😉 

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