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Keiko Higuchi (Vertical Language)


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As expected it is from Japan.

A very quiet LP, in term of background.

There is a lot of space between the piano notes, with some sparse etherial vocals… which are often more towards humming or throat singing.
Often somewhat discordant piano, as well as vocals… and futuristic sounding.

For what it is it seems well done… Not entirely my style, and one may need to be “in a mood” for it.

Sort of a like non-pop, more sparse, and slowed down, deeper voiced, version of Kate Bush… with only piano and vocals… and with dreamy monastery feel to it.


Actually this sums it up in a complimentary fashion: 
Lars Gotrich Oceans turn stormy shades of black and blue in these transfixing piano improvisations and radical song interpretations. Vertical Language can be harrowing in its apparent glossolalia — she howls, moans and wails with austere grace — but also beautiful in its chosen moments to sit in the silence, waiting. www.vikingschoice.org/archive/ambient-pop-finnish-black-metal-brazilian-free/Favorite track: the still 05 esashi oiwake/ 江差追分.”\


glô″sə-lā′lē-ə, glŏs″ə-


  • - Fabricated and nonmeaningful speech, especially such speech associated with a trance state or certain schizophrenic syndromes.
  1. - The gift of tongues; the ability to speak foreign languages without having consciously learned them. This power is asserted to be sometimes present in somnambulistic persons.
  2. - The gift of tongues. Farrar.



It is different… and I learned a couple of new words today 😉 



  1. - The act of walking about, with the performance of apparently purposive acts, while in a state intermediate between sleep and waking.
  2. - A condition of the nervous system in which an individual during sleep performs actions appropriate to the waking state; a state of sleep in which some of the senses and voluntary powers are partially awake; noctambulism.
  3. - sleepwalking


I am hunting for “the Jam”, “the Sex Pistols”, or something in which to break the trance.

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