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Sota owners with MDF tonearm board.

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My friend with the vacuum Sota got his a few years after mine and has a alloy, or composite board.

I made my alloy one in the 80’s for the SAEC arm.
The Schroder is 222mm, so I needed to make a new board… and I made 2 of them.
My new TT fellow said that the old alloy board would have been good as the speed of sound (and vibrations) in the alloy likely better matches the Alloy of the schroder arm (and other alloy arms, so there is less in the way of reflections happening. And with MDF it likely would have been less coupled.

But I cannot recall exactly why I did it back in the 80s.

If anyone needs an alloy board, then sing out, as I probably do not need the second board, but I had enough scrap alloy for exactly two boards.

(I might get this new one anodised, if I can find a place to do it.)



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