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Measurements (speakers, room, and TT)

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Sort of starting with the TT, but will get to the speakers and the room at some point.

I hooked up the RME ADI-2 PRO to  the stack. The wired up the second set outputs from the Phono stage into the analogue inputs.
And I noted that I have some 50Hz and 150/250Hz harmonics at -60dB(Fs), but it is barely hearable at the speakers with +12dB of gain.
There is a nest of wires so that may be some of it, so I’ll need to short the inputs to the phono stage (and DAC/ADC), and work out whether it is coming in via the DAC/ADC as a ground loop, or a magnetic field into the cart, or whatever/however.

Interesting is that the channel imbalance is easily seen in the digital stream.

This is going to take a while, to work out. But it should help with at least understanding the room and attempting to treat it in some evolutionary approach. 
The TT stuff is mostly for fun and to see how/if the SOTA rebuild is helping.

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