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Bass traps benefits or drawbacks

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6 hours ago, Peter C said:

Here's the before, without traps, and after, with traps, shown with the left and right channels averaged together. You can see mild trending towards flatter response from pot 5, 42 hz  and on up.




That ”Frequency Domain” (FD) gets irksome to me, and almost every speaker manufacture and consumer hangs on the FD response above all else.
We can have two systems with identical FD response and they can sound wildly different, so that must be a difference in the “Time Domain” (TD).

That RT60 decay time is more of a time domain concept on the Y-axis and Frequency on the X, and it has an allure with me.

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11 hours ago, Peter C said:

I don't know how to measure that. I have REW, so let me try to figure it out. Any quick pointers would be appreciated.

I think there is a way to generate RT60 or Waterfall plots once you have the sweep completed. It’s a 3D plot with decay time on one of the axes. 

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